This weak pathetic latex faggot messaged me again begging to be used humiliated and cashraped.  It always comes crawling back to me like a bitch in heat.  It has no self respect at all and deserves to be kicked in the face stomped on then turned into a human toilet like every other faggot pig.  I would love to order this latex fag to lace my steel toe logger boots up so I can punt it in the face and knock all of its teeth out.  Then the toothless latex pig could turn even more tricks when it visits the gloryhole in the porn shop that it visits.  It admitted to me that it frequently visits some porn shops late at night in the ghetto to service a ton of huge black cock.  It owns multiple black dildos and practices sucking and deepthroating them like a typical faggot slut.  It told me that it usually guzzles down ten plus loads with ease then takes multiple ones bareback up its ass cunt in an average night.  The faggot always wears its black latex outfit when it visits the porn shops too.  I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off at this disgusting latex pig.  It even told me that it can feel all the black semen running out of her ass cunt and dripping down her legs underneath its latex outfit when it drives home.   I ordered it to send me fag cash then watched while it sniffed poppers non stop.  It sniffed and sniffed until it fell out of its chair and passed out.  I yelled at the disgusting pig to wake up then ordered it to sniff even more poppers until it passed out again.  I don’t know how this latex faggot has a single brain cell left.  I can already tell its half retarded when I talk to it on cam.  My goal is to make it sniff poppers until its brain dead.  A latex faggot zombie that just obeys whatever its told to do.  If i told it to drop to its knees and open its mouth so I could take a piss it would without hesitation.  Then again just about any faggot would be honored to drop to their knees to drink my alpha piss.  I told the latex fag to grab its popper bottle and ordered it to take hard long deep sniffs over and over.  The latex faggot was so tweaked out it didn’t even know where it was.  You could see it huge bitch tits popping right through its faggy latex outfit.  I made the faggot pig pull and twist on its tits while it squealed like a pig in pleasure and agony.  I drained more cash from the latex faggot then made it sniff more poppers until its nostrils started to bleed.  The latex fag was completely destroyed and begged to be dismissed.  I made it send me another tribute then told it to fuck off.  The latex whore will be back for more abuse because it can’t resist me and knows that I’m the only legit straight alpha god to serve.






This methed out shit pig keeps coming back to me to get seriously degraded humiliated used and cashraped.  It tells me that it’s never encountered an alpha male like me before and that it wants me to expose it as badly as possible.  This faggot really has no limits at all and is the definition of a filthy pig.  I’ve dealt with some hardcore filthy faggot pigs before but this one might just be the sickest twisted one I’ve ever seen.  The faggot loves showering me in cash and doesn’t even care if it has money to pay bills or to buy food.  It knows that its hard earned cash belongs to me and that faggots should live with the bare minimums in life.  The faggot actually went out to the store and bought a pair of pink panties to wear.  Every time I do cam with this pig it starts out by smoking a ton of meth.  When I say a ton of meth I mean an insane amount.  I can see the fags eyes slowly opening up wider and wider every time it takes a hit.  It always has pink panties on that fit around its useless fag clit perfectly.  It knows faggots aren’t men and that its disrespectful to wear mens underwear while in my presence.  When the pig is flying high on meth it grabs a bottle of poppers and sniffs for as long as I tell it too.  This faggot has been sniffing poppers for over 20 years so I don’t think it has many brain cells left to fry.  I take my stopwatch on my cell phone and watch this faggot sniff poppers for two minutes straight with no breaks.  It takes deep hard sniffs the entire time.  When the two minutes is up it takes the belt it has wrapped around its neck tightens it as tight as possible pinches its nose and holds its breathe.  You can see veins popping out of the faggots forehead and watch its face literally turn colors from the lack of oxygen to its fag brain.  I usually refuse to let the faggot stop and watch it pass out every time.  The faggot’s body usually falls back on the edge of its bed while it twitches like its having a seizure.  When the faggot wakes up it wants to sniff and suffocate itself all over again.  It wants nothing but complete destruction and not a single ounce of empathy.  The faggot pig told me that it took a monster shit in its toilet before it got on cam with me and wanted to eat it while I watched and took snapshots.  The pig brought its webcam into its bathroom and showed me its toilet which was filled with fag shit.  I told the faggot I hope it was hungry because that was going to be its dinner for the night.  The faggot shit pig told me it really loved the taste/smell of shit and couldn’t wait to eat all of it.  It then took a few deep sniffs of poppers then dunked its head right in the toilet.  Its face was covered in fag shit when it finally took its head out of the toilet.  It had pieces of shit stuck in its beard and everything.  It then used its hand to scoop out more shit to chew and eat.  This nasty shit pig chewed and eat its own shit loving every second of it.  When it was done it still had shit water running down its face and all over its beard.  This faggot was so sick and twisted and couldn’t do anything but laugh.  When it brought its computer and webcam back in its room it still had a turd stuck in its beard that it just left there.  The faggot then told me about the scat parties its gone to again in detail and how it eat so much shit it would throw up eat its own throw up then keep eating more shit.  It started smoking more meth sent me more cash then started telling me more nasty faggot stories.  It told me that it goes to the rest area that’s about 30 minutes from its house to sexually service a bunch of truckers that are all horny and high on meth.  It told me last weekend that it rode some truckers cock while the trucker shoved a bottle of poppers up its nose the entire time.  The meth shit pig went out with a bunch of sick twisted stories about getting fucked by a bunch of methed out truckers then used as a human toilet by all of them.  It told me at the reststop in the Mens bathroom finds a filthy shit filled toilet drop to its knees in front of it and start eating out of it.  It then licks the toilet so clean it looks like its brand new again.  I laughed and told the faggot that it was pretty much just a faggot janitor cleaning the toilets and urinals with its faggot mouth.  It told me that it loves to suck on the dirty urinal patties and sometimes just eats them.  This faggot pig must have so much semen in its stomach from random Johns that its eventually going to need its stomach pumped out.  This shit pig has to be the biggest whore that I’ve ever encountered online.  I made this faggot take a boot wrap the shoelace around its useless fag balls tight so the boot would hang down.  I then made it stand sniff poppers and swing the boot around.  I then made it add more and more weight inside the boot then attach heavy objects to the boot.  The faggot was screaming like a bitch legs shaking while I would make it stand for 30 seconds at a time.  Eventually it had so much weight attached its balls its puny legs gave out and it fell to the ground.  Its tiny balls and fag dick were stretched out to the max.  It was playing with its rock hard nipples the entire time and even put pumps on them.  Even though the faggot is skinny it looks like it has a pair of C cup tits.  When it had to piss it would piss in a cup and have its own Chem piss.  The piss was dark brown and looked disgusting.  The fag would take a syringe dropper fill it up with its own chem piss then squirt it up its ass.  The faggot would hold the piss up its ass until it was high as fuck.  It did multiple booty bumps throughout the night.  It told me the chem piss made it so high that it was literally flying.  This faggot pig doesn’t have a single ounce of manhood in it and is the definition of a full use toilet and cum dump.  I drained its bank account and took every dollar it had while I used and abused the faggot whore.  It told me that it was in a meeting at work 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The entire week I’ve been draining this filthy shit pigs bank account.  I’ve talked to some extremely nasty faggots on Skype before but this faggot pig was by far the filthiest.  It messaged me on Skype and told me it saw an old video of me online beating and humiliating faggyqueer.  The faggot instantly realized that I was a brutal straight alpha that has no remorse for inferior cunts.  It then messaged me on Skype and wanted to serve.  I ordered it to send me some fag cash then sent it cam.  The faggot fell to its cock sucking knees in awe without even realizing it.  It then sent me its cam and showed me how scrawny and pathetic it was.  The cunt had its glass meth pipe in one hand lighter in the other taking hit after hit of Tina.  It already was so tweaked out it looked like its eyes were going to pop out of its head.  This faggot was the definition of a faggot freak.  It had two brand new bottles of poppers and tons of sex toys laying on its bed.  I saw dildos buttplugs nipple clamps and sex lubes scattered all over the place.  I told the cunt to grab a bottle of poppers.  It took hard deep sniffs while I started counting down from ten.  Right after it was done sniffing I told it keep its mouth closed and pinch its nostrils together with its fingers.  I counted down from twenty while the faggots face started turning purple.  I then ordered it to start sniffing poppers again while I counted down then made it pinch its nose and hold its breathe again multiple times.  The faggots face was bright purple while it huffed and puffed for air.  It told me that the head rush was insane.  The slave then sent me another tribute without me even ordering it too.  It was time to bring up the intensity and really fuck up this faggot bitch.  I made it pull and twist on its already huge swollen nipples.  It then grunted like a pig while it put its metal nipple clamps on.  The faggot was skinny but it had big round tits that looked like C cups.  It then shoved a plug up its fag pussy.  It moaned like a bitch in heat while its pussy stretched.  I then told it to spread it legs and to punch itself in its balls five times.  It screamed while it punched itself harder every time.  It then thanked me for using it and turning it into a pathetic sissy bitch.  I told it to grab a belt and to wrap it around its neck like a noose.  It then sent me more cash then took a few more hits of meth out of its glass pipe.  The faggot told me that its been sniffing poppers for over 20-30 years so it was time to really fuck it up bad.  I grabbed my phone then brought up the stopwatch on it.  The cunt grabbed the bottle of poppers and sniffed hard for 30 seconds non stop.  When it was done sniffing I made it wrap the belt around its neck as tight as possible for another 30 seconds.  I could see veins popping out of its forehead while its eyes were popping out of its head.   When time was up it was huffing and puffing like a bitch.  I then made it sniff for a minute straight.  I yelled at it to wrap the belt around its neck as tight as possible after it sniffed for a full minute.  It blacked out after 20 seconds or so and laid back on its bedpost speechless.  I yelled at the faggot to wake the fuck up.  Finally it woke up in a daze and said that it can’t remember the last time it ever felt that fucked up on poppers.  It sat there tweaked out with its swollen tits still clamped and its ass cunt still plugged telling me how jacked and sadistic I was and how I really show absolutely no remorse to pathetic faggots.  It sent me another tribute then told me it was ready to sniff for a minute straight.  The faggot then started sniffing while I watched my stopwatch.  It was taking really deep sniffs that would make most faggots pass out.  This bitch was definitely a pro at sniffing poppers.  I was surprised it still had any brain cells left at all and wasn’t completely mentally retarded yet.  The faggot sniffed the entire minute then wrapped the belt around its neck extra tight.  I could see its face turn multiple colors until it blacked out at 45 seconds.  I’ve never seen a faggot get so fucked up on poppers before.  It woke up after a few seconds shook its head and didn’t even realize where it was until I screamed at it.  I then let the faggot smoke more meth and laughed while it got even more tweaked out.  Its nipples were so big and hard it looked like it was a pregnant slut that could breast feed. 

The faggot then started telling me how its a shit pig in detail.  It told me that it goes to rest stops all the time to find shit logs floating in dirty toilets to feed on.  It told me that it will find a filthy shit filled toilet drop to its knees and dunk its head right in to feed.  It told me it eats the entire log and licks the toilet bowl clean until its shining.  It’s pretty much a faggot janitor.  The slut told me there’s also a ton of truckers at the rest stops that love to use its faggot mouth to get a nut off.  Since I’m a sadistic twisted fuck I was laughing the entire time this faggot bitch was telling me these stories.  It then told me about these huge hotel farming parties that it goes to where there’s 50 plus faggots attending.  It told me that the last time it went it was stripped naked blindfolded and put under a rim seat.  It was in the rim chair servicing random assholes eating huge shit logs and getting pissed on.  The faggot said that it was fed so much shit that some fags actually used their hands and shoved the shit down its throat that was falling out of the sides of its mouth.  The shit pig told me told me that it threw up twice but started to eat more ass and shit again right afterwards.  The pig was blindfolded to so it had no idea whose piss it was drinking and who’s shit it was eating.  I just sat there laughing while the faggot said “Yeah I’m definitely the definition of a shit pig”.  I made the shit pig send me more cash and told it that I would bring it to a barn yard shove its face in horse shit and make it do donkey shows.  The faggot of course told me it already fantasized about fucking horses and getting its pussy ripped open by a race horse.  There was literally nothing that this faggot hasn’t done or won’t do.  It was the true definition of a faggot pig.  Right before I signed off with the tweaked out shit pig I wanted to see how long it could sniff poppers for until it passed completely.  It told me it was still seeing stars a little bit from the previous times but I didn’t give a shit.  I told the faggot to put the popper bottle to its nose and start sniffing.   I timed it at a little over two minutes before it passed out and dropped the popper bottle all over itself.  I yelled wake up faggot multiple times until it finally got up really slow.  There was drool dripping down its face and its eyes were all watery.  I definitely helped burn out a ton of this shit pigs brain cells with all popper countdowns and self asphyxiation.  The faggot was so tweaked out its eyes looked like they were going to pop out of its head.  The following day the faggot pig told me it started reading my blog and said that it was going to go out and buy women’s panties to wear since I helped made her realize she’s not a man and never will be.  She’s now truly a shit pig popper sniffing ATM that I helped ruin even more.  The faggot has already thanked me several times for showing it the full truth and cashraping it so it can’t pay half of her bills this month.  I made her realize worshiping a straight alpha god comes before anything.





This chic from some dating app on my cell phone has been hitting me up for a while and wanted to chill.  She lived like two hours up north though so we texted back and forth for about two weeks or so.  One day she texted me and told me she was coming down to Atlantic City to see some concert with her friend and her friends younger sister but wanted to meet up with me afterwards.  I totally forgot about it until she texted me the night she said she was coming down.  She told me the concert was almost over and that she wanted me to come to Harrahs casino where she was staying to pick her up.  She told me she was down to do anything.  This chic was only 21 years old so she’s only been to Atlantic City a handful of times.  Two new casinos recently opened up in Atlantic city the old Revel and the Hardrock so I did want to check them out to see if they were any good or not.  When I first met up with the chic in Harrahs she was all over me the second she saw me.  She was a muscle whore from up north and was in total awe of me.  She was grabbing my arms kissing me pretty much everything you can think of the moment she met me.  This one was almost to easy.  I was in the mood to go party though so the first casino we went to was the Ocean Club which was the old Revel Casino. The casino literally looked exactly same and had no changes at all.  They reopened the club HQ there which was the most popular club back when Revel was open a few years ago.  I walked up to the front and got in for free because I knew the manager.  Even the club looked exactly the same.  There were smoking hot chics all over the place but the chic that I was with wouldn’t leave my side.  She was all over me making out and grinding all over me on the dance floor.  She kept grabbing my dick with her hand and rubbed her phat ass on my crotch.  We then went in the corner of the club where it was dark.  I lifted her skirt right up and was spanking her huge tan ass while she kept grinding on me.  She then turned around and shoved her tits right in my face.  I pulled her shirt down and was surprised by how big and nice her tits were.  I was sucking them like I was sucking for milk.  The bitch liked teasing me and turned back around and grinded her ass into my crotch again.  I put my hand under her thong and was surprised how soaked this bitch was.  Her thong was so wet you could literally wring it out.  Even the sides her legs were soaked.  She the whispered in my ear that I made her cum like twice already and that she wanted to leave.  We walked out and took a taxi to the Hardrock casino just to check it out.  The place was pretty empty and wasn’t anything special at all.  We played some slot machines then left.  The casino was pretty empty on a Saturday night for just opening.  We took a taxi back to Harrahs where the girl was staying.  She asked me to walk her up to her room.  As soon as we got in the elevator she jumped on me and started making out with me.  The elevator then stopped on her floor.  It was about 4:30 a.m. She said that we couldn’t go in her room because her 21-year-old friend was in the room with her 17-year-old sister.  I definitely agreed about not going in the room after hearing that but still wanted to fuck this bitch.  We walked past her room in the hallway and stopped as soon as we got around the corner.  We then stood against the wall of hotel hallway and made out.  I pulled her tits completely out of her shirt and took turns sucking on them.  I ended up taking the chics dress off.  She dropped right to her knees in nothing but her thong in the hallway.  This bitch then pulled my dick out and gave me the best blowjob I’ve gotten since I was a teenager.  She was spitting on my cock and deepthroating it like a pornstar.  I was about to explode in her mouth but held back because I wanted to fuck her.  I bent her over against the hallway wall while my shirt was off and my pants were down to my knees.  I then stuffed my dick in her tight soaked pussy and fucked her right in the hallway.  While I was fucking her I heard a hotel room door open around the corner and immediately put my hand over her mouth since she was moaning so fucking loud.  I whispered in her ear to shut the fuck up then bit her neck and pulled her hair.  Who ever it was walked the opposite way and didn’t see us fucking. I pounded this 21 year old brains out and eventually exploded nice and deep in her cunt.  I was surprised no one walked by or security didn’t see.  Security was probably to busy watching and jerking off on the monitors.  She then kissed me goodnight and walked into her room with my load dripping down her leg.  I shot a monster fucking load in this bitch.  Good she doesn’t know where I live or my full name because I wouldn’t be surprised if I knocked her up with that creampie.  I was tired as fuck by then since I was up all day long.  I walked back to my car in the parking garage and drove home.  When I got in my car I realized I could have just fucked her in there but it was definitely felt more adventurous fucking her in the hotel room hallway upstairs in Harrahs.  Something only an alpha male would have the balls to do.  This chic’s been texting me all week long wanting to drive down from North Jersey to hang out again.  I might just have to seriously fuck her brains out at my house one of these nights.  It’s great being a jacked up alpha stud getting whatever you want in life with minimal effort. 




This pathetic dick sucking latex faggot came back to me crawling on all fours begging to serve and be cashraped again.  At first I told it to go fuck itself but after several tributes I decided to give it acknowledgment once again.  It sent me a video just to remind me how disgusting it is and how it is nothing more than an ATM and a full use urinal.  It begged me like a bitch in heat to take its fag cash and for me to once again start humiliating and exploiting it.  It knows first hand that I’m the biggest baddest most sadistic alpha male alive and that no one can make it suffer and feel as low as me.  It knows disgusting inferior latex faggots deserve nothing but destruction every way possible.  Financial mental and physical destruction beyond their worst nightmares.  This popper sniffing latex pig has sniffed so many fumes that it can hardly even function or think like a human being anymore.  It’s just a walking cash drone ATM that shows alpha males with cash and sucks any random cock that pops out of a gloryhole.  This sick twisted latex slut should be tied up and tortured in my basement to the extreme.  I would personally take every thing this latex whore owns and castrate it with my razor sharp switch blade.  Here’s the video this nasty latex whore so make sure to watch with an empty stomach.  It truly is the definition of a popper sniffing ATM that deserves SEVERE abuse.


I started talking to some female fuck pig from Tinder the other day.  She told me she was into BSDM and was looking for a new daddy/master to serve.  She went on and on about guys that she’s met that didn’t have a single dominant bone in their bodies.  I told her I had to go to the gym and that she should come over and hang out afterwards.  She only lived about 30 minutes away from me.  This bitch had absolutely no idea what she was in for.  It didn’t surprise me that she couldn’t find anyone dominant especially in todays feminized society.  I don’t even consider most males men at all.  Most are just scrawny sissies and women who were accidentally born with a dick.  When I got home from the gym I texted the bitch told her to come over and gave her directions to my house.  When she first walked in my house her eyes lit up in awe.  She said she couldn’t believe how tall built and masculine I was.  I just laughed because in my head I knew I was going to drain any self respect this whore had for herself and turn her into my personal fuck pig.  When we walked in my room I told her to take all of her clothes off.  She hesitated a little bit and questioned me.  I then wrapped my hands around her neck spat in her face and told her to strip naked and question nothing I ever say again.  I kept making her repeat out loud “I’m just a piece of meat and a fuck pig” and multiple other things soley to break her down and humiliate her.  While she was slowly taking her clothes off I grabbed her bent her over my knees and ripped off the rest off of her.  I took her already soaked panties and stuffed them in her mouth to shut her up.  I started spanking her big ass as hard as I could with my huge hands.  I then spanked her with one hand and rubbed her cunt with the other.  Her pussy was so drenched it was literally dripping.  It didn’t even take ten seconds before I made her projectile squirt all over the floor.  Her cunt kept squirting while I rubbed it.  This whores pussy was like a super soaker.  My entire arm and rug was drenched in pussy squirt.  I took her panties out of her mouth shoved her face in it and made her lick it up like a dog.  I grabbed my belt out of my closet wrapped it around her neck like a leash while she was naked on all fours on the ground.  I told the bitch to twerk her big ass.  When she hesitated I pulled on the belt hard and made her choke.  She then started twerking and bouncing her huge ass to rap music I had playing on my stereo.  I had my cell phone out and was taping her bouncing her ass like a whore working for dollars in a strip club.  I then sat on the end of my bed and made her suck my alpha cock.  She sucked it like a good sub bitch and used a ton of spit.  I then lifted my legs up and made her eat my sweaty asshole.  The fuck pig buried her tongue in my ass without any hesitation and rimmed it like she was starving.  I verbally degraded the whore the entire time.  When I was rock hard I made her bend over doggystyle on the floor and pounded her brains out.  She was screaming and cumming like crazy on my dick while I spanked her and pulled her hair.  I showed this whore absolutely no respect at all and she loved it.  I told her it was time to beat up her asshole and stretch it out.  She said she never really did anal before because it hurt.  I laughed and told the bitch to shut the fuck up.  I picked her panties off of the floor and stuffed them deep in her pussy while she had her ass up in the air.  I then spat in her asshole and slowly pushed my cock into her ass.  She let out a loud squeal while I pushed in deeper and deeper.  I spanked her ass cheeks then took my one hand and gave her a fish hook in her mouth while I butt fucked her.  I started pounding her ass as hard as I could.  She started bitching about it hurting which pissed me off.  I then ordered her to bend over on my bed and told her it was time to be punished.  I took my leather belt that had metal studs on it and whipped her ass cheeks as hard as I could five times.  She was screaming and breathing heavy every time the belt cracked her ass.  I then grabbed her by the hair and told her that if she pisses me off at all she’s going to get whipped.  She then started saying “Yes Sir I’m sorry” over and over.  I then made the slut get on her knees and told it was time to clean her asshole juice off of my cock.  Before she could even say anything I put my huge hand on the back of her head and shoved it down on my dick.  She bobbed up and down like a good obedient whore.  Her panties were still stuffed up her wet pussy.  I then told her it was time for more anal and that she could get on top and ride me with her ass.  She loved that position.  She was screaming and moaning in extacy while she bounced up and down on my cock with her asshole.  Her entire body was shaking and convulsing while she screamed that she was cumming over and over.  She rode my dick hard with her ass while I choked her and spanked her.  I shot a huge load up her ass after she had about five orgasms riding my dick.  I told the pig to get off of my dick get on all fours and crawl to my bathroom.  I could see my load dripping out of her asshole down her leg while she crawled like a dog to my bathroom.  I pulled her panties out of her wet cunt then told her to get in my hot tub.  It was time to really degrade and humiliate this sub pig.  I aimed my dick towards her face told her to open her mouth and took a hot steamy piss.  I pissed all over this sluts face and in her mouth.  I literally turned her into a human urinal.  She didn’t seem to mind drinking it either.  I taped the entire thing on my Iphone too.  I then turned my hot tub on gave the bitch some hand soap and told her to clean herself off.  I gave her some dirty towel that I cleaned my crotch with the day before to dry herself off.  I ended up having the bitch back on my bed and pounded her ass and pussy for hours.  I shoved her panties back in her mouth and even tried fisting her.  I almost got my entire fist in her while she was grunting in pain but it wouldn’t fit.  I whipped her ass with my belt multiple times.  Her ass cheeks had welts all over them from the studded belt that I whipped her with.  Her knees had severe rug burn on them from being bent over and fucked on my carpet for hours.  I literally turned this chic into a human cum dump and urinal.  She loved every second of it too.  I kept her panties as a souvenir.  I totally brainwashed and mind fucked this sub bitch to the point of no return.  She’s been texting me on my phone asking me when I want to hang out again.  This bitch is practically begging to come back over to get fucked and used.  Shes been calling me Daddy and keeps telling me that she finally found the man of her dreams.  She’s even ordering a bunch of kinky sex toys for me to use on her.  I taped a bunch of movies including me pissing in her mouth pounding her asshole and her rimming my dirty asshole while verbally degrading her.  I also took a ton of still pics.  I have a good video of her laying on my bed and making herself squirt over and over too.  I plan on having this fuck pig over again and will talk her into getting on cam with me on here.  I have tons of videos of this whore so message me on Skype or email me to buy them.  The video of me pissing in her mouth is hardcore and shows how truly dominant I am and how women should all be treated especially in today’s society.  My piss stream was so powerful it was like a fire hose.  Women are just slaves that tribute ass to me plain and simple.  I have complete power over them just as I do regular slaves.  Serve the most superior and dominant alpha male in existence now cunts.  



Every faggot needs a REAL alpha to serve.  They crave it and can’t resist the temptation no matter how hard they try.  They know deep down inside they aren’t real men and never will be no matter how hard they try.  They could be wealthy successful it really doesn’t matter.  They still crave that alpha male that will put them in their rightful place and keep them there.  I am that REAL alpha male hands down plain and simple.  I’m 100% man and am as masculine and dominant as they come.  My confidence yet cocky attitude makes every slave weak and turns them into the cash faggot that they were born to be.  I like to compare it to the animal kingdom.  I am the alpha lion of the jungle while the slave is the gazelle.  I am the predator while the slave is the prey.  If this was the animal kingdom every faggot would be my food source.  I would chase them down catch them with ease and rip their jugular out with my razor sharp teeth.  That really is the perfect comparison to an alpha male to a slave.  I was born to be worshiped while a slave was born to $erve. 

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