I’ve turned tons of faggots into full use toilets and shit pigs.  Most usually start off fantasizing about it especially when they sniff poppers.  Poppers were created to rewire a faggots brain to get rid of all the fake liberal brainwash they’ve been exposed to so they can finally wake up to reality.  The reality that they are at the bottom of society and exist to serve straight alpha males every way possible.  When I see a faggot I really see a full use toilet and a cash ATM.  If I need some cash I wont hesitate to tell a fag to hand some over.  It’s usually so intimidated it pisses its pants while it takes its wallet out of its pocket.  If I have to take a piss the faggot will take its bottle of poppers out sniff then drop to its knees and opens its mouth wide.  There’s been times where me and my alpha buds took turns pissing in a fags mouth and all over its face.  Sometimes a faggot will sniff poppers non stop lay flat on the ground and wait to get smothered by a huge sweaty swampy muscle ass.  The fag eats a few farts until a huge alpha loaf slides down its faggot throat.   It usually doesn’t take long for a faggot to become a full use toilet and shit pig.  Some get addicted to it after they eat their first alpha loaf and even buy rim seats to lay under.  Some faggots have told me that they actually go to scat parties lay under rim chairs and service asshole after asshole.  Some faggots get so much shit stuffed down their throats they puke all over the place then continue to feed.  Some faggots take shit and pack it up the rim pigs nostrils so deep the rim pig has the aroma of shit in its nose for weeks.  I’ve heard some really disgusting scat stories from shit pigs online.  I’ve also trained multiple slaves online to be full use toilets and piss urinals.

I poppered up this one slave multiple times slowly stripped away every ounce of manhood it thought it had and mind fucked it to the ultimate extreme.  I feminized this cunt so much that it threw away every pair of mens underwear that it owned and replaced them with women’s lace panties to wear.  The fags dicklet was so small anyways lace panties fit almost to perfectly around her waist.  The slave pulled and twisted her nipples for over a year.  She eventually gave herself permanent bitch tits that fully poke through every shirt she owns.  This slut can actually make herself orgasm just by twisting her bitch tits.  I almost fully transformed this faggot into a full blown woman while cashraping her and putting her in the poorhouse where she belongs.  I also turned this faggot into a full use urinal.  This slut knows to sit down on the toilet to piss and is strictly forbidden to stand like a man would.  The only time this feminized faggot goes near a urinal is when she’s thirsty.  This faggot has drunk from so many public urinals she can’t even remember half of them.  She says nothing compares to the urinals they have at the construction store Lowes though.  The slave says the urinals there have the best tasting piss probably because so many construction workers go there.  She says that she actually gets a feeling of euphoria when she drinks the piss from there.  The faggot goes there wearing pink panties with a plug up her cunt and a bottle of poppers in her pocket.  She said that she usually goes in the evening when the bathroom is the most dirtiest.  She walks into the bathroom finds a urinal that hasn’t been flushed.  When no one is around she drops her to her knees sniffs poppers then dunks her entire head in and drinks out of the urinal like a dog.  She’ll suck on the urinal patty pull it out of the urinal with her teeth then puts it in her pocket to bring home.  She then walks out of the bathroom feeling high and euphoric.  She wants to become a shit pig but is afraid she’ll get totally addicted to it.  I laugh and tell the fag that its only a matter of time before she starts eating shit loafs out public toilets.  If I ever saw this piss slut in a public restroom I would grab it by the hair and dunk in the dirtiest shit filled toilet I could find.  It would have no choice to eat or drown in the dirty shit water.

“Sir, I just want to say thank you. Today at the gym an alpha man took a dump, left it unflushed, and I fucking ate the whole thing after he left. I couldn’t stop myself. You’ve helped me become the toilet fag I want to be.”A shit pig that I trained

I’ve trained so many toilet pigs over the years I easily lost count.  I’ve ordered multiple faggots to eat their own shit and drink their own piss on cam solely for my amusement while draining their bank accounts.  My wallet gets fatter while they sit there with a giant shit loaf hanging out of their mouths.  Most slaves actually love the taste of their own shit and eat it effortlessly.  Slaves are and will always be inferior scum that exist to serve straight alpha males.  Any faggot that thinks its equal to a straight alpha male needs their brain rewired with a few bottles of poppers.  Poppers were made for faggots and give every faggot a real purpose in life.  Start sniffing now cunts.










































This is the definition of a popper sniffing faggot freak.  I cashraped this low life piece of shit while it fucked a cheap blow up doll then humped its pillow with its micro penis.  I laughed the entire time while the faggot sniffed poppers and got all the plastic pussy it could handle.  I cashraped the sissy while it fucked its plastic blowup doll. The micro dick faggot begged me to expose it and take pictures of it to post everywhere.  While the faggot was making out with its blow up doll it ended up squirting right in the blowup dolls plastic cunt.  The fag couldn’t even last longer than three minutes with the blowup doll.   The pathetic cunt then cut a hole in the pillow it had with a knife and humped it like a dog until it squirted all over the place.  It was a pillow the faggot uses to sleep on too.  Last time I cashraped this faggot pig it fucked its blowup doll and lasted about ten seconds. The faggot told me the last time it pulled its pants down in front of a real woman she let out a laugh then made some excuse about having to go home and left asap.  The next day in school the fag was humiliated and laughed at by everyone.  Another pathetic cunt used humiliated exposed and cashraped by the ULTIMATE MUSCLE GOD.  I told the faggot that its microclit should be locked with key thrown away for good.  Scroll down and look at the few pictures I posted that shows how truly pathetic this faggot bitch is.  My birthday is coming up on X-mas Day so keep showering me in Amazon gifts and tributes.






My birthday is coming up on Christmas Day.  That’s right slaves December 25th.  Show your respect and loyalty to me and keep sending me birthday tributes.  You know that I deserve every dollar you have anyways.  I’m a cocky sadistic muscle god that makes everyone feel so weak they drool all over themselves.  The moment you grace my divine presence you will to your knees and grovel without even realizing it.  I will always be the ultimate muscle master that turns any male into a pathetic submissive cunt with minimal effort.  I come before anything and anyone in your life slaves.  Shower me with fag cash and thank me for leaving you completely broke.  Alphas like myself always live in luxury while slaves work overtime just to make ends hardly meet.  I feel like a GOD among mortals when I’m out in public.  My bicep alone is bigger than your head and gets stared at by everyone everywhere I go especially when I have a tight shirt on.  People always feel a sense of weakness and intimidation around me.  I’m always looking down at everyone because I’m so huge and tall.  I love stomping down on the pavement with my size 14 logger boots on.  When the ground shakes slaves run and panic.  My logger boots make awesome fag stompers and always leave permanent boot imprints on a slaves body when I stomp one out in real time.  Slaves and betas were born to serve and worship the ground I walk on.  Some pathetic pigs even dress up like whores and work the corner to make me as much cash as possible.  When you hear my deep cocky voice and see my huge thick muscles on cam you’ll be sniffing poppers and sending me more fag cash than you could even imagine.  Poppers rewire a faggots brain and were made to bring out the true submissiveness in them.  Faggots beg to be used abused and exploited by me while I flex my huge muscles and order them to sniff.  I make every slave feel the DRAIN mentally physically and financially.  Send me birthday tributes now if you haven’t already slaves.  Even if you have tributed me you can still send me MORE.  Shower me in as much fag cash as possible and thank me for taking it.  I love pumping iron in the gym and fucking random women on a daily basis while living like a KING solely off of fag cash.  Worship me now inferior cunts and show respect to a REAL alpha stud that has been a natural born leader his entire life.  Tuck your fag clit between your legs and SERVE me now.  








This latex faggot freak that I’ve ruined before messaged me and begged to be cashraped and exposed again.  It always crawls back to me like an abused animal because it knows how powerful and superior I am.  The faggot kept telling me how much it hated itself over and over while it sniffed poppers like a typical faggot bitch.  I told it that it should hate itself and that it solely exists to serve me.  If it was up to me the latex faggot would be living in a cage in my basement in darkness.  I would leave that filthy freak down there to rot in its own shit with a bottle of my alpha piss to drink and a bottle of poppers to sniff.  I drained this pathetic faggot pig while it sniffed poppers non stop for hours.  I wanted the faggot to sniff until its nose started to bleed.  It even sniffed two bottles of poppers at the same time.  It had a bottle of poppers up each nostril trying to get as fumed up as possible because it knew I was going to ruin it’s already pathetic life.  I’m surprise this latex faggot even has any brain cells left.  Poppers have definitely rewired this faggots brain and opened it eyes to reality.  The reality that faggots are not men and solely exist to be cash ATMS to alpha males like myself.  I told the faggot that its latex mask is repulsive and makes it makes it look like some type of gay serial killer or child molester.  The latex faggot told me that its starting to have serious stomach problems from all the cum stuck in its digestive track from sucking so much cock at random gloryholes.  A doctor recently told the faggot that she’s going to need her stomach pumped out.  This latex faggot is nothing more than a walking STD from taking so many cocks bareback up its fag pussy.  This faggot needs to be put down for good and truly deserves a shot gun shoved down her throat.  It kept begging me to expose it and show everyone how disgusting and repulsive it really is.  It wants to teach other faggots that they are all inferior scum that solely exist to serve straight alphas anyway they possibly can.  It knows first hand that I’m the biggest baddest most sadistic alpha male alive and that no one can make it truly suffer and hate itself more than me.  It knows that flaming latex faggots deserve nothing but pain and destruction every way possible.  This popper sniffing latex pig has sniffed so many fumes over the years that it barely functions anymore or thinks like a normal human being.  The popper fumes fried this fags brain almost completely.  Its considered disabled and mentally retarded by the state that it resides in.  I transitioned the latex faggot into an animal that belongs caged up in a zoo.  I would take this repulsive faggot and throw it in the lion cage at the zoo personally.  It sent me a video to post on my blog which shows everyone how repulsive and hideous it is and how it deserves to be castrated.  I would love to personally take my machete and perform the castration myself.  The latex faggot would feel so humiliated afterwards it would do everyone a favor and finally jump in traffic with a bottle of poppers up its fried nose.  





I’ve been cashraping Joe fag another methed out shit pig that I’ve dominated and exploited in the past on several occasions.  This faggot knows that its sole purpose in life is serving me.  It’s useless clit leaks when it reads my blog posts and squirts when it see pictures of me flexing my huge alpha muscles.  My cocky attitude and jacked body makes this faggot weak and turns it into my personal ATM.  All the poppers that its sniffed and meth that it smoked programmed its brain and got it out of that fake liberal reality that betas and faggots live in.  I showed this faggot the true reality of life and how faggots are not men and never will be men.  The faggot threw away every pair of mens underwear that it owned.  It now wears nothing but women’s lace panties and thongs like a good faggot bitch.  The shit pig even told me that women’s underwear are way more comfortable and fit better around its tiny useless fag clit.  The faggot always sit down on the toilet to piss just like a woman and only goes near a urinal if it needs to get an energy drink.  I taught Joe fag that male waste has a ton of vitamins and minerals in it that are beneficial for a faggots body.  When the faggot first drank out of a public urinal in the mens room it told me that it felt a sense of euphoria and a huge boost in energy.  Joe fag has absolutely no limits and will do anything to make me as much cash as possible.  The fag frequently visit a truck stop and turns tricks for a bunch of horny methed out truckers right in their truck.  The last trucker paid Joe fag to ride his cock.whenhe fag was bouncing up and down on the truckers dirty cock like a faggot whore the trucker shoved a bottle of poppers up Joe fags nose and forced him to sniff it for minutes non stop.  Joe fag said that it was so fucked up from the poppers its head was spinning.  the trucker shot a monster load up Joe fags ass cunt then ordered Joe fag to lay flat on the ground in the bed of the truck with her eyes closed and mouth wide open.  Joe fag was still flying from the poppers when it felt the trucker sit on its face.  The trucker then used Joe fag like a toilet and took a monster shit down her throat.  When the trucker stood up Joe fag was slowly chewing and swallowing the shit.  There was so much shit though that most of it covered Joe fags face.  The trucker then bent down to one knee and force fed Joe fag shoving as much shit down her throat as possible.  The trucker pulled his dick out and pissed all over Joe fags face and in her mouth so she could swallow down the shit easier.  Eventually Joe fag eat every single drop of shit.  The trucker did stuff a good amount of shit up Joe fags nose really deep and even took some shit and stuffed it up Joe fags gaping creampied fag pussy.  The trucker handed Joe Fag some cash but kept all of her clothes.  The only thing Joe Fag was given back to wear was the pair of pink womens panties that it had on under its regular clothes.  The trucker practically tossed Joe fag out of his truck and drove off.  Joe fag had to walk all the way back to her car with nothing but pink panties on.  Another trucker saw Joe fag walking and hooked his horn at her.  Joe fag ended up getting in the truck and smoked a bunch of meth with the trucker.  The trucker then unzipped his pants and made Joe fag deepthroat his cock until he shot a huge nut down Joe fags sissy throat.  Afterwards Joe fag finally got back in her car and drove home with the smell of shit still up its nose and shit caked up its ass pussy from the first trucker.  Joe fag did make some cash though from tricking and couldn’t wait to get home so she could message me on Skype and send every dollar to me.  Joe fag told me all about its evening at the truck stop and told me that it couldn’t get the smell of that truckers shit out of its nose even though it sniffed the shit all the way up it nose and swallowed it.  The faggots ass cunt still had a ton of shit caked up it with trucker cum running down her leg.  I told the shit pig that I was going to post its adventure at the truck stop on my blog because faggots deserve to be humiliated and exploited as much as possible.   It’s just more proof that they are all freaks and will never be equal to straight alpha males.  Joe fag agreed and told me that it wants to visit NJ really soon to make real-time slave domination videos with me.  Joe fag has no limits at all and will do literally anything on film because it wants to help make me as much cash as possible.  It’s happy that it finally found a real purpose in life and feels privileged to be owned by the ultimate alpha male. Joe fag is truly the definition of A faggot ATM and full use toilet pig.




This pay toilet from Spain messaged me on Skype looking to be used and exploited.  This nasty shit pig had absolutely no limits and no self respect at all.  It must’ve been one of the sluttiest and filthiest faggot pigs I ever cashraped.  This filthy faggot sent me a tribute then started sending me pictures and videos of itself in action.  Almost every single picture/movie had the faggot underneath someones asshole eating shit.  The faggot told me that it also likes to eat animal shit and has even eat horse shit out of a barn before.  If I ever saw this filthy shit pig I would have no problem raping its cunt with a huge tree branch.  This shit pig deserves to get stomped in the head and kicked in the face until it gets all of its teeth were knocked out.  The faggot shit pig told me it wanted its teeth removed so it could suck dick better.  It also told me it wants its dick and balls completely removed.  They didn’t work and were completely useless anyways the fag said.  The shit pig started telling me something about banding its balls to remove them.  I think it would be easier if I just used a machete to remove its useless balls and fag dick.  The faggot freak told me it wanted to cook its dick and balls and eat them in a stir fry afterwards.  I laughed sadistically at this freak but gagged at the same time.  The faggot shit pig kept sending me tribute after tribute without me even having to order it to send.  I really wanted to drain this nasty pig until it was literally bankrupt.  I told the nasty faggot that the only place it deserved to sleep was the homeless shelter.  I’m sure if it stayed in the homeless shelter someone would find this faggot on its knees drinking piss and eating shit out of the toilet in there.  The faggot freak then started telling me how it wanted to get raped and used by homeless people.  It wanted homeless cock after homeless cock to shoot homeless load after homeless load up its faggot pussy.  I bet this faggot bitch would wake up the following day pregnant with a huge baby bump in its belly.  I can’t even imagine what kind of abomination this shit pig would give birth too.  While I kept degrading this nasty shit pig it kept sending me cash like a human ATM.  The shit pig said that it wanted to be dropped off in the worst of ghettos so it could be fucked then shit on by a bunch of gang members.  It told me that it loved to have its stretched gaping pussy filled up with as much shit as possible.  That’s right it said that it actually likes when another faggot stuffs and packs its asshole with shit.  This faggot pig obviously knew it deserved as much pain as possible.  It kept telling me how badly it wanted its teeth knocked out then fag dick and balls chopped off.  The faggot told me it knew it was just a walking fuck object with two fuck holes which were its mouth and fag pussy.  I kept sadistically laughing at this low life faggot while draining its bank account.  The nasty pig then told me how it loved eating animal shit to especially its own dogs shit.  It even admitted to eating its own Rottweilers asshole then told me that it has even let the dog fuck it up the asshole before.  This had to have been the nastiest faggot pig I ever talked too.  It kept begging me to post about it on my blog even though it knew it was a nasty fuck that deserved to have a loaded shotgun shoved in its mouth.  I would definitely have no problem knocking its teeth out with brass knuckles.  I would even cut its useless fag dick and balls off with a razor sharp machete.  The thought that this abomination could maybe breed one day made me totally sick.  This faggot shit pig should live at a barn and do donkey shows for money.  It said it had no problem getting fucked by animals multiple time to me.  It even told me it loved to eat animal shit more than human shit.  This fag freak deserves to be robbed beaten then caged up in my basement.  I would leave it in total darkness for weeks down there and only let it out of its cage when I wanted to make it suffer badly.  I would stick the faggot freak up in my attic in the summer where the temperature has to be 140 plus degrees.  Keep worshiping the biggest cockiest muscle god alive and be ready to have your wallet totally drained.  Every faggot know that their cash is better off with a straight alpha male.




I cashraped then humiliated this latex wearing faggot pig hard tonight.  This latex faggot is so pathetic it almost makes a regular faggot seem normal.  If you want to see the definition of a faggot freak just look at the pictures I posted of this fat shit.  It told me it goes through a new bottle of poppers every single day and has been sniffing poppers for over 20 years!  The latex freak barely has any brain cells left and even told me that it suffers from short term memory loss and has multiple nose bleeds every day of its miserable life.  While it was sniffing poppers the faggot told me that it had to get its stomach pumped two years ago from sucking so much cock and swallowing every drop of cum.  The faggot pigs insides were totally clogged with male jizz which was ruining its stomach lining.  This nasty latex freak loves monster black dick and told me that it often visits the ghetto at night time searching for homeless black men and crackheads.  The faggot ends up paying multiple black men in the hood to gangbang it in the back of a hidden alley to pound its ass cunt and fag mouth all night long until day light.  The latex faggot then told me nothing tastes better than a homeless black mans asshole.  I told this latex fag that I would run it over with my car and break every bone in its body if I ever saw it in real life.  Nasty faggots like this deserve to be cashraped and exploited until they are homeless living in the sewer.  This latex pig is a disease infested faggot that is nothing more than vermin.  The thought of it breathing the same air as I do makes sick to my stomach.  This faggot freak deserves no human rights at all and should be caged up and treated like an animal.  If anyone sees this latex faggot make sure to punch it in the face and laugh at it while it cries like a woman.  I have my machete ready so if I ever come across this dirty cunt in real life I’m going to hack its useless fag clit and balls off.  Latex faggots deserve no respect and absolutely no mercy ever.  This popper sniffing latex whore needs to see how much everyone truly despises it.  The faggot freak deserves to have everything it owns taken away from it so it can go join a circus and live with all the other freaks in life.