I was just driving home from the gym when I decided to stop at this bar that I’ve never stepped foot in before.  I passed it when I drive home tonight and saw a bunch of cars in the parking lot with a bunch of people outside.  I haven’t fucked any “new” pussy in a few weeks so I decided to stop by there.  The first thing I noticed was a bunch of dudes in there when I first walked in.  I almost walked right out but decided to sit at the bar and have one beer.  I didn’t workout that heavy today so I wasn’t really all sweaty like I usually am when I leave the gym.  I finished one beer and was about to leave when some random chic walked up to me and told me that I was the sexiest person she’s ever seen.  Even sexier than any female she’s ever seen since she was bisexual.  I tried not to laugh because it was such a random thing for someone to say.  I guess because I smirked at her she then said whats the problem you don’t find me attractive?  She was actually pretty hot.  She was tan brown hair and had a petite body.  I told her she looked good and that I would break her in half if she knew what I mean.  She started giggling then walked up to me and grabbed my crotch with her hand.  She then whispered it feels like your packing sexy break me half please I need it.  I grabbed her hand walked out of the bar with her then walked to my car.  While I was driving to my house she leaned over pulled my hard cock out and started giving me road head.  She sucked it like a pro and said my cock smelled nice and ripe.  I laughed and told her I was coming home from the gym when I stopped at the bar.  I got to my house a few min later and walked into my house and walked over to my big couch.  We both stripped naked and were ready to fuck.  She had the hottest landing strip and pierced pussy that I couldn’t resist to eat.  She was squirting all over my face and in my mouth within a minute of me eating her.  I then bent her over doggystyle and pounded her brains out.  I pulled her hair spanked her ass while she called me daddy.  I then pulled out of her soaked cunt shoved it in her mouth then bent her back over.  I wrapped my hands around her neck choked her and slowly pushed my thick cock head right into her tight asshole.  At first it was tight then it got looser and looser.  All you could hear were my balls swinging and slapping her cunt lips while I fucked her asshole.  She moaned loud as hell and talked like a dirty slut.  I started groaning then shot the biggest load in her asshole.  While my cock was pumping out cum I shoved my cock in her cunt and shot the rest deep inside her pussy.  I wanted to make sure I seeded both of her fuck holes.  She then got on her knees like a good bitch and sucked my cock until my balls were totally drained.  She then got dressed with my cum still inside of her and said she would take an Uber home since she lived 20 minutes or so away.  She was gone five minutes later.  I walked upstairs and took a shower.  Then I came online and wrote this because it was another great story.  Something that only happens to real alpha men.  Similar things have happened to me so many times I can’t even remember all of them so blogging them is like keeping a record of all the good sex stories that I have.  I have a few chics that I fuck all the time but its nothing really interesting so I don’t write about it.  If I wrote about every single time I’ve had sex I would have half a million blog entries at least.  Another reason to serve the ultimate alpha male that will always be the last of a dying breed of real alpha men.  Men like me simply don’t exist anymore.  Most are feminized liberal pussies that cry about everything and worship the ground women walk on.  While they bring the same girl out on dates and spend thousands on them just to get a kiss at the end of the night I’m fucking the same slut within minutes of meeting her.  The entire younger generation of “males” are all pussies and would all get fucked in the ass within five minutes of being in prison.


This past weekend my friend texted me and asked me if I wanted to go to Atlantic City with him.  He wanted to go to this new club in one of the casinos that I’ve never been to before.  Since I haven’t been in Atlantic City in a while I told him that I would go.  When we got there the place was packed.  There were some really hot chics there.  Unfortunately I saw beta males all over the place like usual.  It seems like Atlantic City is becoming a haven for inferior beta males.  They seriously remind me of a cockroach infestation.  I see more and more of them every time I go out.  I guess it doesn’t help either that society is feminizing men at a rapid rate.  When one walks up to me all drunk just to tell me that I’m “Jacked” I feel like punching him in the face as hard as I possibly can.  I usually just keep walking when one tries to talk to me or I’ll look at him and tell him that hes a flaming faggot.  I’m so big now I think I would seriously murder someone If I hit them with full force in the face.  I could definitely cause someone severe brain damage.  They would end up living in one of those assistant living houses for the rest of their lives eating out of a straw or something.

While we walked around the club looking for pussy my friend saw some older guy that he was friends with from work sitting at the upstairs bar.  The older guy had two hot Russian chics with him.  I told my friend I would meet him back at the bar because I had to go to the bathroom to take a piss.  When I was done in the bathroom I walked back to the bar.  My friend introduced me to his friend from work.  He was supposedly dating the one Russian chic.  The other one was single.  While my friend was sitting at the bar I stood up and looked around at the dance floor to see if there were any hot females around.  My friend came up to me not even five minutes later and told me the single Russian chic thought I was really hot and wanted to talk to me.  I let out a laugh and told my friend that I would talk to her when I felt like it.  I stared back at the dance floor and even took my phone out to check my email.  I wanted to wait a few minutes before acknowledging the Russian chic.  If I pretended I had no interest in her it would just make her want me even more.  I could see her staring at me hard in the corner of my eye.  Eventually I stared back at her and waved at her to come over to me.  We introduced ourselves to each other and talked for not even two minutes before she was making out with me.  She had huge tits and a huge ass to match.  Her outfit was so small and tight I seriously thought her tits were going to burst out of her shirt.  We walked over to the corner where no one was standing.  I started to make out with her again.  I put my hand on her huge ass and slowly went up her skirt.  I rubbed her pussy through her thong which was already drenched.  Then I slid her thong to the side and rubbed her soaked pussy.  The music in the club was loud but I could still here her moaning like crazy.  She started squirting all over the floor and on my leg.  My leg was drenched and the puddle on the floor got bigger by the second.  The puddle was so big I almost started laughing.  She started telling me how bad she wanted my cock inside her.  She unzipped the fly on my jeans and stroked my rock hard cock.  I told her to turn around.  I was going to lift her skirt up in the back fuck her doggy but pretend we were dancing so we wouldn’t get kicked out of the club.  When my cock slid in her soaked cunt I pounded the shit out of her.  She was moaning so loud you could easily hear it over the music.  My friend walked up to me laughing and told me the bartenders were staring and were about to call security.  I told the Russian chic to relax for a minute.  I looked over and noticed that both bartenders were females.  They looked like two jealous bitches that needed some dick.  The Russian chic told me she had a room in the casino that we were in and asked me if I wanted to go up there with her.  I told my friend I would be back in a little while then left the club with the Russian chic.  I held her hand while we walked to the elevators in the casino.  She had a hot Russian accent when she talked.  We started making out again as soon as we walked into her hotel room.  She stripped butt naked then dropped to her knees so she could suck my cock.  This submissive whore didn’t know what she was in for.  My cock was so hard I could make it bounce up and down.  I pulled my pants off shoved my cock down her throat then skull fucked her.  There was spit flying everywhere.  I could feel the head of my cock slam the back of her throat then go down even deeper.  She deep throated every inch of my cock.  My pubic hair brushed her nose while my balls slapped her chin.  I fucked this sluts mouth so hard I was surprised she didn’t get lock jaw.  Then I told the chic to get on all fours like a dog.  I took my belt off of my pants made a collar and leash then put it around her neck.  I pulled it tight and walked the bitch around the hotel room just like a dog.  Eventually I walked her over to the bed and ordered her to lay across my lap.  I spanked her ass hard with one hand and rubbed her pussy with the other.  I made her squirt all over the place almost instantly.  This Russian sluts pussy was just like a super soaker water gun.  I grabbed her by the hair spat in her face then told her “Look at the mess your cunt is making”.  I then made her get on the ground and shoved her face in her own pussy squirt.  She licked it up like a dog and seemed to love it.  I pulled her back up by her hair smacked her in the face then told her to bend over doggystyle on the bed.  I saw her soaked thong that she was wearing earlier on the ground.  I grabbed her drenched thong then stuffed it in her mouth.  Then I told her to spread her ass cheeks apart with her hands.  I rubbed the head of my cock on her asshole and lubed it up with all the precum dripping out of it.  She mumbled something like “I never did anal sex before”.  It was hard to hear her because she had her thong stuffed in her mouth.  I pushed my cock into her asshole slowly until it was totally inside her.  She was moaning like crazy while I slowly started pumping her asshole.  I went faster and faster until I was fucking her asshole full force.  I told her that she was just a slut and cum dump and didn’t even deserve to have her pussy fucked.  While I slamming her asshole I took one hand and rubbed her pussy lips with it.  I made her squirt while I pumped her asshole raw.  I told the slut I wanted to breed her and send her back to Russia pregnant.  I pulled my cock out of her asshole.  It was so gaped and stretched out.  I wish I had a plug to stick in her ass.  I shoved my rock hard cock back in her mouth and told her to clean my cock.  I felt like I was about to cum so I told her bend back over.  I stuck my cock back in her asshole and pumped a monster load inside her.  I was still horny and almost stayed rock hard after I filled her asshole up with cum.  I shoved my cock back in her mouth and told her to suck it until I was rock hard again.  I bent her back over doggystyle.  Her asshole was prolapsing while my cum slowly leaked out.  Her pussy was still drenched when I stuffed my cock inside it.  While I pounded her pussy I choked her with two hands.  I pulled her hair with one hand while I bit her ear and sucked on her neck.  I even slapped her tits around with my hand.  Eventually I shot a monster load in her pussy.  I told her to clench her pussy so my load would stay inside of her after I pulled my dick out.  I told her to sit down on the bed and spread her legs.  I took my hand and put it right under her pussy lips.  My cum slowly dripped out of pussy into my hand.  When my hand filled up I told the slut to open her mouth.  I poured my cum into her mouth and told her she was a Russian cum dumpster.  She eat every drop of cum I fed her.  This Russian bitch was so kinky I loved it.  I kept feeding her my cum and even got some that dripped out of her asshole and fed it to her.  I filled both of her fuck holes up with a ton of alpha cum.  She loved every second of it.  My balls were totally drained.  We both got dressed and walked back down to the club.  When we got there it just closed.  I saw my friend right outside of the club with his friend and the other Russian chic.  I didn’t even realize that I was upstairs pounding that slut for over an hour and a half.  I talked to her before we left and got her number.  She lived over two hours away so I doubt I’ll hang out with her again anytime soon.  I already fucked her brains out and treated her like women should be treated.  Slaves that tribute pussy.  That’s how I see most women as in general especially ones that fuck you without even knowing you for more than 15 minutes.  Sex slaves craving alpha cock 24/7.  I hope I knocked that Russian whore up so she goes back to Russia with a huge baby bump in her stomach.  I remember her mentioning that her work visa was up this month so she was going back to Russia.  I gave her a fake name and never gave her my phone number.  I just got her phone number.  I told my friend what happened in the hotel room while we walked to the parking garage to find his car.  I had him cracking up when I told him about the part where I walked her around the hotel room like a dog.  I told him that he should’ve walked up to the hotel room.  We could’ve gangbanged that Russian slut easily.  I shot so much cum inside both of her fuck holes my balls still felt shriveled up.  My friend dropped me off at my house.  I told him I had a great time and told him we have to go out again soon. 




Here’s a few new pictures of me to show you all of you betas and faggots that I’m still a jacked sadistic muscle stud that will dominate and humiliate you then put you in the poorhouse where every inferior male truly belongs.  Get your wallet out now girls and serve the ultimate muscle god now.


Made by a loyal popper sniffing urinal faggot.  Message me on Skype to see and hear me live.  I will fume you up until you pass out on the ground.  You’re already weak and pathetic.  Just wait until I’m done draining you.  Remember the ALPHA always wins.  






I went to the gym the other morning to train chest.  I brought my cell phone in there and heard my Skype go off while I was benching.  It was this cross dressing popper faggot that I’ve cashraped numerous times.  When I say cross dresser I mean full blown tranny slut dressed like a woman.  I can never stop laughing when I see this faggot slut on cam.  The sissy faggot sent me a tribute then begged to be humiliated exploited and exposed.  Since I was in the gym I went into the bathroom to send the popper fag cam on my IPhone.  I was all sweaty and pretty pumped still from training.  I locked the bathroom door then called the popper slut on Skype from my phone.  The faggot had a bra with matching panties on.  She also had bright red lipstick on thigh high stockings with high heels on.  Popper bottle already up her nose.  It looked like she just got done working the corner in Atlantic City HAHA.  The bitch begged me to expose her by taking pictures of her and posting them everywhere.  I aimed my phone towards the toilet in the bathroom and told the fag that I wish she was here in real life because she would be licking and worshiping it.  While the slut fumed up I explained to her how I would pimp her out then dunk her head in a filthy shit filled public restroom toilet.  The first night she didn’t make me enough money she would have two black eyes like a raccoon a smashed in nose cracked teeth with a huge shit log hanging out her mouth.  Her face would be soaked with a yellow tint to it from all the dirty public urinals I made her worship.  I told the Faggot that her brain would be fried from weeks of non stop popper fumes.  Her clit would be locked in chastity while she spent day and night in a small padlocked dog cage.  Her brain cells would literally fry while popper fumes pump up her nose non stop day and night.  The only time I would let the tranny slut out of her dog cage would be for severe beatings and toilet training.  While the faggot slut listened to me she sniffed.  I ordered to sniff harder then made her do several popper countdowns.  The faggot slut was all fucked up and told me that she was nothing more than a bitch in heat.  The popper sniffing slut then begged me to take slutty pictures of her because she wanted to be exposed.  This faggot finally wants the world to know that shes a popper addicted tranny whore that sucks cock and turns tricks for money.  I couldn’t stop laughing while his cross dressing pig posed in all different sexual positions in women’s lingerie.  If this faggot lived anywhere near me she would be working the corner in Atlantic City.  I ordered the slut to send me another tribute then told her that I was going to post the pictures on my blog and finally expose the fag to everyone.  The faggot slut thanked me while she kept sniffing poppers.  I told the fag that I had to finish training in the gym.  I dismissed the faggot pig and reminded her that she wasn’t a man and never will be a man.  The faggot agreed and told me she couldn’t wait to see her pictures posted.  I turned off Skype then went back in the gym to finish training.  That was definitely one of the sluttiest faggots I’ve cashraped in a long time.  Faggot sluts like that deserve to be exposed to the world.  This faggot is nothing more than a popper sniffing whore that craves cock 24/7.   


Recently this cross dressing sissy messaged me on Skype begging me to take the exposure pictures I took of her off of my blog.  The same pictures she begged me to post of her in bra panties and high heels back when I poppered her up and cashraped her relentlessly.  I made the slut send me a huge tribute to take them off.  She instantly sent me her fag cash without any hesitation.  I then made her send one more tribute just for inconveniencing me.  I was laughing the entire time and asked the slut why she asked me to take the pictures then post them on my blog in the first place if she was just going to pay to have me take them off.  She admitted that she was a typical stupid oversexed horny faggot that was high on poppers.  She said like most faggots she was just another faggot bitch in heat at the time especially in my presence.  She said my huge muscles and cocky attitude brought her estrogen levels all the way up and her already low testosterone levels all the way down.  She kept apologizing to me for being such a stupid horny slut.  I told the popper whore if she pisses me off if any way I’ll repost the pictures literally everywhere.  The tranny said she’ll control her hormones and won’t asked to be exposed like that again and will just tribute to be used and poppered up like she usually does.  I’m what every male wishes they were and could be.  A tall built alpha male born a leader that gets whatever he wants in life.  A fearless muscle god that people naturally submit too.  I tell slaves all the time that they really need to see me in real life to see how jacked I really am and experience how naturally dominant I am.  The webcam won’t ever display the real size of me and won’t truly show how naturally dominant and powerful I can be.  Most slaves would piss their pants if I walked up to them in real life.  Towering over them with biceps bigger than their heads.  They look up at me in fear and in awe at the same time while I spit in their face over and over.  Start sniffing your poppers and worship a natural born alpha god now slaves.





This rubber latex princess needs to be brutally punished exposed cashraped and destroyed for good.  Time to really expose this self loathing self hating latex bitch.  

– She has a rubber pussy that is regularly fucked by any random black cocks she can find.  This latex slut is a walking cum dump for all black cocks and will bend over for anyone that wants to dump a load in her.  This bitch is always in heat especially from the sky high estrogen levels she has.  She has been so feminized that her testosterone levels have plummeted to the levels of a 12 year old girl. 

– She just turned 64 year old.  For her birthday I made sure to cashrape her extra hard and humiliated her so badly she wanted to kill herself.  

– Her birth name is Richard Lester.  Her other alias is Joseph R. Kelly.  It’s Skype name is live:augiejoe1.  Message this old feminized latex hag and humiliate it as much as possible.  It’s an ugly old latex wearing faggot hag that’s always high on poppers with Ronnieflexx always on her mind. 

– She resides at 287 W. 57th St. NY, NY.  Show up at this latex fags house and destroy it.  I’m sure you’ll see the faggot all fumed up on poppers wearing nothing but a Latex outfit with a rubber mask on to hide its hideous face.  Her rim seat is set up and ready for use.  She will crawl under it without hesitation with her mouth open wide ready to drink and eat anything and everything.  She is also a dirty shit pig that will gladly clean your asshole with her faggot tongue.  You could also show up to her house with your friends to beat the shit out of her and take all of her belongings including her cash.  This latex queen deserves to suffer as much as possible every way possible.  

–  She sniffs poppers all day long and has been sniffing poppers every day and night for years now.  She is always wearing full body latex outfits and hideous rubber masks that makes it look like a gay pedophile.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she was one.  The ugly latex sissy looks like some kind of abomination out of a gay horror film.  

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