Every faggot needs a REAL alpha to serve.  They crave it and can’t resist the temptation no matter how hard they try.  They know deep down inside they aren’t real men and never will be no matter how hard they try.  They could be wealthy successful it really doesn’t matter.  They still crave that alpha male that will put them in their rightful place and keep them there.  I am that REAL alpha male hands down plain and simple.  I’m 100% man and am as masculine and dominant as they come.  My confidence yet cocky attitude makes every slave weak and turns them into the cash faggot that they were born to be.  I like to compare it to the animal kingdom.  I am the alpha lion of the jungle while the slave is the gazelle.  I am the predator while the slave is the prey.  If this was the animal kingdom every faggot would be my food source.  I would chase them down catch them with ease and rip their jugular out with my razor sharp teeth.  That really is the perfect comparison to an alpha male to a slave.  I was born to be worshiped while a slave was born to $erve. 

I drained and rinsed a long time toilet pig HARD the other day through text on my Iphone.  The faggot tributed for a few videos I had and was in total awe of them.  It then sent me more cash for more videos that I had.  It then begged and pleaded for my phone number so it could talk to me through text.  Since it’s been a loyal long time bitch of mine I gave my number to the cunt.  That might have been the worse yet best decision it made in its entire life.  I rinsed this toilet pig for a shit load of fag cash within a few minutes.  It just took a few pictures and a short video of me taking a hot steamy alpha piss to drain the shit out of this cunt.  It sent me tribute after tribute and was literally turned into a human ATM.  I kept draining the toilet fag until it had only a few dollars left to its name.  Then I made the cunt send that too.  The faggot toilet also bought me a ton of stuff off of Amazon including leather boots and black leather pants.  I told the slave that the boots weren’t my style but it insisted that I put them on my Amazon Wishlist so it could buy them for me.  Since it was going to want pictures and custom videos of me dressed in the black leather pants and boots I told the slave to send me cash just to add them to my Wishlist.  A few days later when the leather pants and boots arrived the cash fag texted me begging and pleading for a custom video of me wearing them while telling the faggot what a low life piece of shit it is.  It also wanted some pictures of me dressed in full leather.  I texted the faggot back with dollar signs and told it to pay up.  I received a texted back “Yes SIR” and had more cash in my account instantly.  I’ve drained the faggot pig a few more times and now it is 100% OWNED by the biggest baddest alpha male alive.  This slave is the perfect example of how every cash faggot should act.  You live with the bare minimums in life while your straight alpha master lives in luxury off of your fag cash.  I come first no matter what plain and simple.  It’s all about showing RESPECT. 

This faggot added me on Skype saying it was a cash faggot popper pig craving hardcore abuse.  Well this cunt definitely received more abuse and humiliation than it could ever dream of.  It told me that its been reading my blog for a while now and finally worked up the courage to message me.  I ordered it send me a big cash tribute for cam then fucked it up big time.  The faggot turned its cam on and was totally naked sitting in a chair with a ski mask on.  I instantly started laughing at this pathetic cunt.  It looked like the typical faggot beta cash pig.  Skinny arms huge tits big gut and a tiny useless fag clit.  The faggot had a toilet bowl plunger right in front of it that was ready for insertion.  A fresh bottle of poppers and two dildos on the table right next to it.  I made the bitch sniff poppers then ordered it to sit on the toilet bowl plunger stick.  It screamed in agony as its pussy slide down the dry wooden stick.  I screamed at the faggot whore to sniff poppers and made it do numerous popper countdowns while it fucked the toilet bowl plunger stick.  Every time the cunt got off the toilet bowl plunger stick I ordered it drop to its knees to  suck its pussy juice off the wooden stick.  It went ass to mouth more times than I can count.  I could see the faggot sucking its own shit off of the stick.  I verbally degraded this nasty faggot bitch hardcore.  I had it screaming “I’m not a man” and “I’m a cock sucking faggot slut” and multiple other things over and over.  I was draining whatever manhood was left in this cunt with ease.  I counted down while it sniffed poppers then made the faggot wrap its hands around its neck to choke itself.  I then ordered the cunt to grab the popper bottle with one hand and choke itself with the other at the same time.  The faggot had some major head rushes from the severe popper countdowns.  I was rewiring this cunts brain more and more by the minute.  The faggot kept trying to rub its useless limp clit so I made it lift it up with one hand so it could slap itself in the balls hard five times.  I counted out loud while the faggot hit its useless balls screaming in agony the entire time.  It kept saying it couldn’t handle anymore which made me just more sadistic.  I made this cunt rape its own ass with that toilet bowl plunger then made it stuff its cunt with one of its dildos.  The sissy bitch could barely take the dildo and screamed like it was getting raped in prison.  It ended up having one dildo up its cunt and the other stuffed down its faggot throat gagging like a true faggot pig.  I made it confess that it loves alpha cock that it thinks about alpha cock 24/7 and even visits random gloryholes to suck off random cocks.  This undercover faggot was such a whore I couldn’t believe it.  It even had a tattoo of red lips on one of its ass cheeks.  I told the bitch that if I was there in person I would take my switch blade knife and carve my name into her other ass cheek.  I made her twist her tits until they were red and raw.  Eventually the cunt couldn’t take anymore and said she was done.  It told me how amazing and dominant I was and even sent me more fag cash as a tip for being so awesome.  The faggot told me she was still new at this and wanted another training session again really soon.  The cunt also begged me to post pictures of it being trained to show other faggots how to properly serve an alpha male.  I fucked up this faggot bitch up bad and definitely rewired its brain and drained all of its manhood.  The sissy slut was just another bitch in heat that exists to worship straight dominant alpha muscle.  If I saw this faggot in person that toilet bowl plunger stick would’ve been rammed all the way up its cunt so the only thing that would be visible is the rubber plunger at the bottom.



I’ve been dominating humiliating and cashraping this faggot latex pig daily now.  It messages me on Skype everyday begging like a bitch in heat to serve and worship me. This low life piece of shit told me that it used to pretend to be a cash master.  It would sit on its the computer with a monster plug up its fag pussy acting like an alpha male and take tributes from other slaves.  When it started to see pictures of real straight alpha males like myself online it finally showed its true colors.  Now it’s just a pathetic popper sniffing latex wearing faggot ATM that craves huge alpha muscle.  The fag is always in a full latex body suit with a monster plug stuffed up its cunt and metal clamps on its bitch tits.  It’s useless fag clit is always locked in chastity like every fags clit should be all day and night.  It tries as hard as possible to act like a man at work but I’m sure all of its co workers see right through the cock sucker.  The latex faggot told me the other day at work it was completely exposed when it bent over to pick something off the ground.  Everyone saw the faggots pink panties hanging out of its pants along with the outline of the 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Bow down and submit to the ultimate alpha male.  When you’re naturally dominant it’s almost to easy to make anyone your bitch.  I’ve been dominating faggots and beta males for years now.  I even sexually dominate women and turn them all into submissive cum dumps.  When I fuck a female fuck pig I always make sure to fill up both of their fuck holes with as much alpha cum as possible.  My power just keeps growing and is undeniable.  My cocky attitude and godly physique will turn anyone into a submissive cash pig.  I was born to be served and show no mercy to weak inferior cunts.  Grab your bottle of poppers and start sniffing.  I guarantee you that a few sniffs of poppers will wake up you up to reality.  It won’t take long before you come crawling to me and beg me to take all of your cash.  I’m living proof that alpha males still exist in this pathetic feminized society.  You can only resist me for so long.  Everyone eventually gives in and are always more than happy that they finally did.  You know your cash is better off with a real man like me anyways.  Contact me now and feel the wrath of a 6’4 300 lb plus alpha god that knew he was an alpha male ever since birth.  Faggots and beta males were all born to serve period.  Get ready to feel the drain losers.  Here’s a few pictures to drool over slaves.

































I’m living proof that real alpha males still actually exist.  I was getting ready to go to the gym Sunday evening when I got a message from some chic on Tinder.  I look at the message and it’s her husband.  He tells me it’s the wife’s birthday and for her birthday present she wanted to fuck me.  I was laughing the entire time I was reading it.  I wasn’t going to reply but while I was getting ready for the gym I was getting horny and wanted to fuck.  I looked at her pictures and saw that she looked decent and had monster tits.  When I replied he told me what casino they were at and wanted to meet me at a bar there.  He gave me his phone number and told me that she wanted to be treated like a whore in bed.  I texted him back and forth for a few minutes.  He was practically begging me to come fuck her.  Finally I decided to go do it.  I told him I had to get ready then would text him when I got to the casino.  I eat some food took a shower and got dressed.  The guy texted me multiple times asking me where I was because the wife was supposedly so horny.  Finally I left my house and texted him when I drove into the casino parking garage.  I walked into the casino then to the bar that they were both at.  The guy shook my hand when I got there and introduced himself to me.  The wife looked all shy and intimidated.  I fucked with her from the start and acted like my usual cocky self.  He paid their drinking tab and asked me if I was ready to go up to their hotel room.  While we walked to the elevator I talked to the sub wife and asked her if she was ready to be fucked and dominated.  I could easily read her and tell that she was submissive as they come.  She definitely looked good enough to dump a load in.  When we got into the hotel room I took my shirt off.  I sat on the one bed with the wife while the husband sat on the other bed.  It was hilarious how shy and insecure the wife was.  The husband asked her if she liked my muscles.  She shook her head yes and kept 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her asshole for lube.  I told the bitch that she didn’t deserve to be fucked in her pussy.  I then shoved my cock all the way up her tight asshole.  She let out a scream and was breathing heavy as hell while I slowly slid my entire cock up her ass.  I stood up on the bed and mounted her so I ram her asshole harder and deeper.  I wrapped my huge hands around her neck and started pounding her asshole.  My hands were wrapped around her neck so tight she started gagging.  I bit and sucked on her neck while I pounded her ass harder and harder.  She was moaning insanely loud and kept cumming over and over.  I then took my right hand and maneuvered it so it was rubbing her clit while my cock was still pounded her ass.  That made the slut wife go fucking crazy.  The husband looked like he was in a trance.  I never saw someone watch me in awe the way he did.  He was probably taking down notes in his head on how to fuck.  I finally shot a monster load deep in her asshole.  I told her to clench her gaped asshole tight then told her to get on all fours and crawl to the bathroom.  I followed her and told her to squat down on the floor tile and squeeze my load out of her asshole.  She started calling me SIR without me even telling her too.  My huge wad made a huge puddle on the floor.  I then took my finger and rubbed it over her asshole.  I kept getting it soaked in cum and fed it to her.  I asked her if it tasted good and obviously she said yes.  I then grabbed her by the hair and made her lick the rest up off of the bathroom tile.  She licked it all up like a dog without any problem at all.  I couldn’t believe how sexually submissive this pig was.  I was already hard again while I made her crawl back to the bed on all fours.  I started fucking her pussy from behind.  I slide finger after finger in her already gaped asshole while I kept fucking her soaked cunt.  The slut wife just moaned and came over and over.  My dick and crotch were soaked in pussy juice.  I then laid on 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leave he thanked me again and handed me some cash.  I walked out of the casino and kept thinking about the experience while I was driving home.  The husband and wife were around my age so I was surprised that he was into watching her get fucked like that.  I fucked his wife like a pornstar and treated her like a hardcore sex slave.  I couldn’t even remember how many times I spat in her face and in her mouth.  The husband texted me when I was driving home and told me that they would be there for the rest of the night so I could come back if I wanted too.  I didn’t even reply because I already conquered the slut wife and dumped two loads in her.  The husband probably wanted me to knock her up so he could have a child with alpha genetics to raise.  I laughed and thought about calling some of my friends up to go there.  It would’ve been funny as hell if I came back to the hotel room with four or five friends.  The beta husband probably would’ve nutted in his pants without even touching himself.  I know the wife had to be insanely sore after I was done with her.  She probably had lock jaw from being skull fucked so hard.  When I got home I put gym clothes on and went to go train.  It was just another normal day for an alpha male.  The life of an alpha male consists of pounding pussy pumping iron and living in luxury off of fag cash.  Serve me now and feel the drain pigs.





This closet tina faggot that I’ve owned contacted me the other night begging to serve.  It was already all tweaked out on meth and had a fresh bottle of poppers to sniff.  It was staying in some hotel room and was already up for two days straight on meth.  I haven’t heard from this faggot for almost two months.  It apologized for being such a stupid cunt and sent me a huge tribute.  The moment it saw me on cam it was in total awe and kept telling me how badly it missed serving me.  The fag kept begging me for forgiveness and swore that it would never vanish again.  It told me over and over what a privilege it was to worship me and sent me even more fag cash.  When I saw it on cam it was completely strung out on tina and looked way skinnier than usual.  It told me that it hasn’t gone to the gym at all.  It lost all motivation to workout because its been so strung out on meth.  The faggot was on its knees sweating and shaking like a typical meth pig.  It showed me the bottle of poppers it had then shoved it up its faggot nose.  I ordered it to sniff and made it do multiple popper countdowns.  I then ordered it to smoke more meth.  The faggot was completely out of breath from the popper fumes and was shaking like crazy.  I laughed at it and ordered it to send me more cash.  The faggot kept apologizing for disappearing on me while it kept smoking tina.  The fag told me that it wanted me to start blackmailing it so it wouldn’t fuck up again and disappear on me.  I took multiple snapshots of it and included its face in the pictures.  I told the faggot that if it vanished again I would post its pictures all over my website.  The meth fag agreed and even gave me a copy of its photo ID with its home address to post if it vanished on me again.  It sniffed more poppers then gave me all the details about its job and told me to contact its boss if it fucked up again.  Since the faggot was a meth addict still in the closet I could easily ruin its life.  The faggot was so tweaked out on meth it was dripping sweat all over the place.  I showed the fag no remorse and kept making it alternate poppers and meth.  It sent me multiple tributes and even bought some supplements for me off of my Amazon Wishlist.  The fag told me that it was going to cancel its gym membership which costs $100 a month and give me the cash instead.  It stopped going to the gym anyways so the cash is better off in my wallet.  I could tell that the fags meth addiction was growing like crazy just from how much weight it lost.  It told me that its teeth are getting looser and spacing out from all the meth that its been smoking.  The fag told me that it could care less about its teeth.  I laughed and told it that it’ll be able to suck dick better with no teeth anyways.  I told the faggot that the only thing it needs to spend money on is meth.  The rest of its cash should all go to me.  The fag agreed and sent me more cash.  I drained the meth pigs wallet the entire time on cam while getting it annihilated on poppers and meth.  I showed the meth pig absolutely no remorse at all.  The faggot told me that it wanted to start turning tricks to make me even more cash.  It told me that it wished it lived in the United States so I could be its pimp and whore it out.  I would put the fag in a tiny metal dog cage in my basement and keep it high on meth and poppers 24/7.  The only time it would be let out of the cage would be to work and make me cash.  If it ever pissed me off I would move it from the basement to the attic where it would suffer in extreme heat.  When I was done on cam with the meth pig I reminded it not to vanish or I would post its pictures with its face all over the place and contact its job.  The last thing the meth fag wants is for everyone to know the truth about it and the undercover lifestyle that it lives.  The tweaked out faggot told me that its going to check in with me and serve on a regular basis again.  It told me multiple times to ruin its life if it vanishes again.  I truly own this faggot bitch now and there’s nothing it can do about it.



This latex faggot pig keeps sending me more and more cash to humiliate and exploit it.  It told me that it never ever in its pathetic existence encountered a dominant alpha god as powerful as me before.  I can’t stop laughing at this subhuman toilet pig.  This pathetic cunt wears a full body latex outfit and sniffs poppers all night long.  The fag even has its face covered in a latex mask.  The latex mask makes the fag look like a serial killer in a gay horror movie.  This latex fag needs to get choked out and treated like the dick sucking popper sniffing whore that it is.  I would personally shove poppers up this fags nose until it passes out.  The latex freak is a urinal pig like most faggots.  I would shove a beer funnel all the way down its fag throat and use it as a urinal at one of my house parties.  This freak belongs in a metal dog cage in my dark basement let out only to go to work to make me cash.  Sometimes it even brings a bottle of poppers to work and keeps them in its pocket.  Poppers have completely rewired this fags brain for the better and made it completely wake up to reality.  The reality that it is low life scum solely existing to serve and worship huge dominant alpha muscle.  The latex outfit is skin tight and looks like something a woman would wear.  The latex freaks stimulates its clit by rubbing a womans vibrator over its latex covered crotch.  I seriously can’t stop laughing at this inferior faggot cunt.  This cunt is the definition of an omega faggot.  One of the lowest life forms in existence.  I plan to bankrupt this latex fag and put it in the poorhouse where it truly belongs.  I’m sure it would just start sucking dick and turning tricks for cash if it doesn’t already.  There isn’t anything that wouldn’t surprise me when it comes to this latex faggot.  The freak even sent me a short video of it rubbing a vibrator all over its latex covered crotch and begged me to post it on here.  It’s totally addicted to my abuse and humiliation.  My godly physique and playboy looks will easily keep this latex pig my personal ATM forever.  A full use toilet cum dump and septic tank are only a few words to describe this faggot freak.