This pathetic latex faggot messaged me tonight begging to serve and shower me with fag cash.  This faggot is beyond repulsive looking and deserves nothing but humiliation destruction and cash rape.  It’s always wearing a skin tight black latex suit with a hideous mask to cover its even more hideous face.  The fag could easily get mistaken for a gay serial killer.  Like usual the faggot always has a few bottles of poppers near by.  I think it’s mentally and physically addicted to them.  It might almost be as addicted to poppers as it is to worshiping me. The latex faggot always starts out sniffing one bottle of poppers then ends up with a bottle up each nostril. It started sending me fag cash before I even ordered it too.  I trained this faggot well and made it realize its true place in the world a long time ago.  It knows that its nothing more than a full use ATM and toilet to me.  When its fumed up on poppers it turns into a full use septic tank.  It kept telling me how hungry it was and how it wanted to eat dinner from my dirty sweaty shit hole.  I would be more than happy to take a monster shit and piss in this latex faggots mouth.  The latex faggot told me it would pay top dollar for my alpha waste too.  When a faggot eats my alpha waste it gets a huge sense of euphoria that it’s never felt before.  An energy surge and high that nothing else in this world could ever bring.  I really want to lace up my steel toe logger boots and kick this latex toilet right in the face. Teeth would scatter all over the ground while the latex faggot cries and pisses itself.  The latex faggot would thank me later because it would be able to deep throat black cock even better.  This faggot was so poppered up it started to tell me all of its deep secrets.  How it loves to secretly travel to the ghetto at night to service black dick and homeless dick. The funny part is that it bring its faggy skin tight latex outfit in a bag to wear before it goes on the hunt for cock.  It usually finds a dark alley where it can change into the faggy latex outfit without anyone noticing.  Last time two homeless black guys approached the latex toilet while it was changing.  They walked up to the faggot out of no where.  The faggot was in the middle of changing and was completely naked.  It didn’t take long for the latex fag to end up on its knees with an ashy black dick in each hand.  It sucked both ashy cocks until they were rock hard.  It told me the dicks were monstrous and smelled so rotten that the smell lingered in its nose even days after the encounter.  It kept sucking the two black dicks gagging and choking like a pornstar.  The latex toilet was in heat.  It bent over doggystyle on the hard concrete ground and took each monster dick up its fag pussy with ease.  Like usual its fag cunt was extra hungry for jizz.  The homeless guys fucked the faggot so rough it teared up and almost cried.  They even hit the faggot in the face and bruised up her entire body.  They kept saying how much they hate faggots while they truly hate fucked it.  They both made sure to blow their loads deep in the fags pussy then plugged it with a butt plug that the latex faggot brought.  The plug wasn’t big enough so homeless jizz poured out of its ass then down its legs.  The latex fags pussy was more stretched out than ever from the huge homeless dongs.  The homeless guys then told the fag to get back on its knees and open its mouth.  The faggot thought that it was going to suck more cock but ended up drinking a ton of homeless piss.  After they were done pissing in the fags mouth the two homeless guys zippered their pants up and walked away.  The latex faggot felt used and shamed while it stood on its knees all alone covered in piss.  Its cunt was stretched and creampied with homeless cum.  The faggot even had two black eyes and a bloody nose from being hate fucked.  The faggot grabbed the bag that it brought to get a bottle of poppers that it made sure to bring.  After a few sniffs the faggot felt all better and was in heat all over again.  It took the buttplug out of its cunt so all of the homeless cum could pour out all over the ground.  After it poured out the poppered up latex faggot dropped on all fours to the ground then licked up all the homeless cum like a dog.  While the latex faggot told me this story it sniffed poppers and kept sending me fag cash.  I laughed at the latex toilet and told it I was surprised it didn’t end up pregnant.  The fag told me how much it loves being creampied by the biggest black cocks that it can find.  Every time it discreetly goes out to whore around it never goes home without multiple loads up its cunt.  This latex faggot is definitely one of the lowest life forms that exists.  It deserves to be pissed on and spat on.  It’s truly a walking cum dump full use toilet.  I made sure to show this faggot no remorse and made it popper up until it was a mindless zombie.  I made sure to leave the faggot broke and in the hole like usual.  I took its entire weekly pay check in less than an hour.  I assume its going to be eating dinner at a soup kitchen in a homeless shelter for a while.  After I was done draining the latex faggot I told it to go fuck off.  It thanked me multiple times then sent me every dollar it had left in its bank account.  I felt a sense of accomplishment after I was done draining every single cent out of the latex faggots bank account.  I’m going to make sure to really fuck it over even worse next time I talk to it.  This piece of shit deserves to be mentally and financially destroyed.  It’s my duty to put faggots in their rightful place and to remind them that they are a sub human species.  Faggots that wear stupid latex outfits deserve to be punished the most.  Approach me with nothing but respect and be ready to hand over your hard earned cash.  I was born to be worshiped while you were born to serve.  Shower me with cash now cunts.





Check out this new site I made .  Its just like Tumblr but created solely for BSDM since Tumblr censored everything.  Make sure to follow my page.  I’ll be adding new content on there all of the time.  Show your respect and send me tributes now.  You can either email me or message me on Skype.  I  have tons of videos for sale.  I can also make custom videos.  Tribute for sweaty worn gym gear socks briefs jockstraps and whatever else you crave.  My alpha scent causes powerful euphoria that will turn anyone into a weak submissive cash faggot.  Get your bottle of poppers out and serve the ultimate alpha god now.



I was born superior.  I’ve naturally been a leader my entire life.  I never followed anyone.  People have always followed me.  I never followed any trends.  Whatever the new trend was I would always do the opposite without even realizing it.  I have my own thought process and never conformed to authority.  Most do anything and everything possible to fit in with everyone else because they are weak and insecure.  I never gave a shit about fitting in with anyone ever.  If someone ever has a problem with me they are always to cowardly to say anything to my face.  The few that actually had the balls to talk shit to me all experienced the same fate.  That fate was waking up on the ground after I knocked them out cold with one punch.  I’m so big and jacked now people are to scared to even look at me the wrong way.  When I’m out whether it’s at the casino or at the food store people find the need to walk up to me just to tell me how big I am and how awesome I look.  In the food store older milfs eye me up like a piece of meat and hit on me non stop.  When I’m out in Atlantic City partying at a club some beta male always comes up to me and starts talking to me.  They act like male groupies and start buying me drinks and shots then follow me around everywhere.  Some even grope my huge arms when I’m not paying attention.  There’s been times where I had to start speed walk out of the club into the casino just to get rid of a beta male groupie.  I even had to hide in a bathroom stall once to get rid of one not to long ago.  When most beta males have a few drinks they turn into muscle faggots.  They’ll do anything possible to hang out with me and be seen with me.  I think some just want my sloppy seconds after I’m done fucking a chic.  I was born to rule while beta males and faggots were born to serve.  I live in luxury pumping iron in the gym going out to clubs and fucking as many women as I possibly can.  Slaves work overtime or even get a second job so they can hand all of their fag cash to me.  I give inferior men and faggots a purpose in life.  They should feel grateful that I even acknowledge them in the first place.  I’ve turned tons of faggots into full use toilets and personal ATMs.  Men were not created equal and never will be equal.  After a few popper countdowns, faggots realize that they have been living in a fake liberal bubble.  A bullshit ideology that glorifies the weak and demonizes the strong.  Pure brainwash that feminizes men strips away their manhood and tells them its normal to bow down to women and worship the ground they walk on.  It’s truly pathetic what society has come too.  I still fuck as many random sluts as possible and wouldn’t be surprised if I had kids living in different states that I don’t even know about.  Well its time to go to the gym so message me on Skype and finally serve and be property to a REAL legit alpha male that gets anything and everything he wants in life.  




More and more faggots are becoming full use toilets and shit pigs.  I just finished cashraping another poppered up shit pig.  I’ve drained this faggot multiple times and easily turned it into a full blown shit pig.  It usually sniffs poppers until it passes out.  It’s usually out for two minutes or so then finally wakes up having no idea where it is.  After I yell at it a few times the slave wakes up from its popper trance only to be even more submissive and pathetic than usual.  The tweaked out fag then squats over a plate and takes a monster shit on it.  I order it to sit down and do more poppers. While it’s really shaking and tweaking it grabs the plate with shit on it and eats all of it without any hesitation at all.  By the look on the fags face it loves the taste of its own shit.  I definitely think this shit pig would eat raw sewage or anything else I put in front of its face especially when it’s fumed up on poppers.

The shit pig and told me it wanted to make a shit shake and drink it on cam.  A shit shake is a blender full of the fags own shit and piss to blend and drink.  I made did a few popper countdowns with the shit pig until it was destroyed.  I then ordered it to take a huge shit in a bowl laying on the ground.  The faggot squatted over the bowl and took a huge crap in it.  It then pissed in the bowl until it was full.  The faggot took out this big germ mask that it found in its garage.  The slave then soaked a few cotton balls with popper juice.  The faggot taped all of the soaked cotton balls onto the breathing part of the mask.  This shit pig acknowledged the fact that faggots don’t deserve to breathe oxygen just popper fumes.  The shit pig put the mask on inhaling popper fumes.  Within a minute it was shaking and squirming from the lack of oxygen that it had.  Right before it was going to pass out I ordered the faggot to take the mask off so it could blend the shit shake it was going to drink.  The faggot obeyed put the top on the shaker and blended it.  The faggot had this long straw/hose that it stuck in the shaker as soon as it was blended.  The shit pig chugged down the shit shake in record time.  It didn’t even choke gag or make any kind of face when it chugged down its blended shit and piss from the blender. 

The faggot was still sweaty and shaky from all the popper fumes it inhaled.  It sent me another tribute then told me it would be back soon for another shit eating session.  Every time I see this shit pig on cam its always starving and can’t wait to eat it own shit and drink its own piss.  I drained this faggots bank account the entire time it was sniffing poppers.  It thanked me for the training session and told me it would be back soon for more cashrape and abuse.  I woke this faggot up to reality and made it realize that faggots are born to serve while alpha males like myself live in luxury off of fag cash.  It told me its going to get another part-time job so it could tribute me more cash while it eat its own shit.  Another pathetic shit pig poppered up cashraped mentally drained and humiliated by the ultimate muscle god.












































Living the lifestyle an alpha male is supposed to live.  Going out and getting whatever you want.  Women flocking to you from all different directions.  Beta males kissing your ass doing whatever it takes just to be acknowledged by you.  Getting into any club you want free of charge.  Partying in VIP sections for free.  Pumping iron in the gym like an animal intimidating literally everyone.  Living in luxury off of fag cash.  People staring at you in awe everywhere you go even at places like the food store.  Those are just a few things you experience when you’re a 6’4 300 lb alpha god like me.  I’ve always been a leader in every aspect of life.  I never follow trends and always do the opposite without even thinking about it.  You know you want to serve me.  You’ll only resist for so long before you give in like everyone else does.  Man definitely was not created equal.

Every day in the gym I see this hot brunette chic working out with her beta male boyfriend.  I always see her staring at me in the corner of my eye when the boyfriend isn’t paying attention.  She’s always smiling when she’s staring at me too.  The boyfriend clings to her the entire time they are at the gym.  I pretend not to notice her and continue working out.  When I was almost done lifting today the brunette chic walked into the gym all by herself.  Her beta male boyfriend was no where in sight.  She worked out for maybe five minutes then walked right up to me.  She asked me for some workout advice.  I answered a few of her questions then asked her where her boyfriend was.  She told me that she broke up with him then started to go on about how she just used him the entire time.  She then asked me if I personal trained people.  I jokingly told her that I would give her a free cardio session in my bed at my house.  She looked at me with this horny look on her face then asked me if I could give her a cardio session at my house right now.  I could tell she was dead serious.  I was done working out anyways so the timing was perfect.  I grabbed my stuff from the locker room then left the gym with her.  She kept telling me how hot and sexy she thought I was when I drove us back to my house.  When we got inside my house we started making out then went   right into my bedroom.  It didn’t even take me three minutes to have the slut on her knees naked begging for cock.  I finally shoved my cock down her throat and skull fucked her.  I fucked this slut porn style for a good hour.  Her cell phone kept ringing when I was fucking her brains out.  I didn’t think much of it and could care less who was calling her anyways.  I hardly even knew this chic and wasn’t even sure what her name was.  She moaned loud as hell and begged me to cum inside of her.  I shot a monster load in her cunt pulled out then shoved my cock in her mouth.  She sucked more cum out of my dick then licked her pussy juice off of it.  Her cell phone started ringing again.  She picked it up then started fighting with whoever was on the other end of it.  She then told the person on the phone that she went by her girlfriends house really fast and would be back in the gym in a little bit.  When she hung the phone up I asked her if that was her boyfriend.  She told me that she lied to me and never broke up with him.  She just took her own car to the gym and was going to meet him there.  I laughed and told her she could’ve told me the truth from the beginning.  I would’ve still fucked her even though she was going out with someone.  She told me she doesn’t regret cheating on him at all and wanted to do it again.  She said she had sexual fantasies about me every day she saw me in the gym working out.  While she was talking I spanked her ass then started fingering her until she squirted all over the place.  We ended up fucking again while her beta male boyfriend kept blowing her cell phone up.  When we were finally done I drove her back to the gym.  She put her phone number in my cell phone then told me she definitely wanted another cardio session at my house.  I dropped her off then went home to shower and eat.  I can’t wait to go to the gym tomorrow.  Its going to be hard not to laugh when I see that chic working out with her boyfriend.  I’m definitely going to fuck her again.  I didn’t even have to put in any effort at all to fuck her brains out.  When you’re an alpha male like me crazy shit like this happens to you all of the time.  You’ll fall to your knees and grovel in awe when you serve me slaves.  I have the same personality whether its online or real life.  A cocky alpha god from NJ that was born superior to all.



This faggot meth pig that I’ve financially drained multiple times in the past crawled back to me last night begging to be forced intoxed cashraped and humiliated.  This faggot literally turns into a human ATM the moment it takes a hit of meth.  It goes from sending one small tribute to sending several huge tributes without me even having to mention or ask it too.  I just watch the methed out faggot suck on its glass pipe like a dick over and over again.  Its been getting so strung out on meth there’s absolutely no turning back for it now.
Thanks to me this meth pig faggot knows its place in this world and realizes that it exists to serve me. The faggot told me its teeth are getting looser by the week and some are starting to rot in the back.  I just laugh at the faggot freak because self destruction is its main goal in life.  The meth pig comes on Skype cam and just sits on the floor naked in chastity smoking meth.  The chastity it wears is so small you can’t even tell that this faggot has a dick. When I see the fag I feel like taking a hot steamy piss all over it. If the faggot lived anywhere near me I would meet it in a public restroom just to du its head in every urinal then every dirty toilet face first.  It literally has a tiny knob hanging between its legs that has to be smaller than a womans clitoris. It’s hard to even tell what sex this faggot is. It could easily pass for a woman just by putting a pair of heels on.  The faggot kept smoking meth on cam while I humiliated and degraded it.
One hit on its meth pipe made the slave completely submissive and obedient to me.  I ordered it to send me more tributes then took multiple humiliating pictures of it that included its face so if the faggot ever pissed me off and disobeyed me in any way I could expose and exploit it.  The meth pig was so high and tweaked out that it out it actually begged me to blackmail it. It started giving me every single detail about its life. It gave me its bosses personal contact information including his email and phone number.  I got all of its parents personal information. I got bank account information.  I copied and pasted everything on my computer just in case I ever had to use it against the cunt. I have so much detailed information on this meth faggot I could easily ruin and destroy it. I have all of this faggots information now including humiliating and degrading things about it that could easily ruin its life. I drained the faggot for another hour or so then told it to go fuck off. It kept asking me if I was going to keep its information secret and not tell anyone about it. I told the meth pig as long as it comes online every month and pays its fag taxes it wont have anything to worry about. I told it the first time it fucks up everything about its life is getting posted online and its boss is getting a phone call. The weak meth pig thanked me for giving it purpose in life sent another tribute then signed off for the night.






I’ve turned tons of faggots into full use toilets and shit pigs.  Most usually start off fantasizing about it especially when they sniff poppers.  Poppers were created to rewire a faggots brain to get rid of all the fake liberal brainwash they’ve been exposed to so they can finally wake up to reality.  The reality that they are at the bottom of society and exist to serve straight alpha males every way possible.  When I see a faggot I really see a full use toilet and a cash ATM.  If I need some cash I wont hesitate to tell a fag to hand some over.  It’s usually so intimidated it pisses its pants while it takes its wallet out of its pocket.  If I have to take a piss the faggot will take its bottle of poppers out sniff then drop to its knees and opens its mouth wide.  There’s been times where me and my alpha buds took turns pissing in a fags mouth and all over its face.  Sometimes a faggot will sniff poppers non stop lay flat on the ground and wait to get smothered by a huge sweaty swampy muscle ass.  The fag eats a few farts until a huge alpha loaf slides down its faggot throat.   It usually doesn’t take long for a faggot to become a full use toilet and shit pig.  Some get addicted to it after they eat their first alpha loaf and even buy rim seats to lay under.  Some faggots have told me that they actually go to scat parties lay under rim chairs and service asshole after asshole.  Some faggots get so much shit stuffed down their throats they puke all over the place then continue to feed.  Some faggots take shit and pack it up the rim pigs nostrils so deep the rim pig has the aroma of shit in its nose for weeks.  I’ve heard some really disgusting scat stories from shit pigs online.  I’ve also trained multiple slaves online to be full use toilets and piss urinals.

I poppered up this one slave multiple times slowly stripped away every ounce of manhood it thought it had and mind fucked it to the ultimate extreme.  I feminized this cunt so much that it threw away every pair of mens underwear that it owned and replaced them with women’s lace panties to wear.  The fags dicklet was so small anyways lace panties fit almost to perfectly around her waist.  The slave pulled and twisted her nipples for over a year.  She eventually gave herself permanent bitch tits that fully poke through every shirt she owns.  This slut can actually make herself orgasm just by twisting her bitch tits.  I almost fully transformed this faggot into a full blown woman while cashraping her and putting her in the poorhouse where she belongs.  I also turned this faggot into a full use urinal.  This slut knows to sit down on the toilet to piss and is strictly forbidden to stand like a man would.  The only time this feminized faggot goes near a urinal is when she’s thirsty.  This faggot has drunk from so many public urinals she can’t even remember half of them.  She says nothing compares to the urinals they have at the construction store Lowes though.  The slave says the urinals there have the best tasting piss probably because so many construction workers go there.  She says that she actually gets a feeling of euphoria when she drinks the piss from there.  The faggot goes there wearing pink panties with a plug up her cunt and a bottle of poppers in her pocket.  She said that she usually goes in the evening when the bathroom is the most dirtiest.  She walks into the bathroom finds a urinal that hasn’t been flushed.  When no one is around she drops her to her knees sniffs poppers then dunks her entire head in and drinks out of the urinal like a dog.  She’ll suck on the urinal patty pull it out of the urinal with her teeth then puts it in her pocket to bring home.  She then walks out of the bathroom feeling high and euphoric.  She wants to become a shit pig but is afraid she’ll get totally addicted to it.  I laugh and tell the fag that its only a matter of time before she starts eating shit loafs out public toilets.  If I ever saw this piss slut in a public restroom I would grab it by the hair and dunk in the dirtiest shit filled toilet I could find.  It would have no choice to eat or drown in the dirty shit water.

“Sir, I just want to say thank you. Today at the gym an alpha man took a dump, left it unflushed, and I fucking ate the whole thing after he left. I couldn’t stop myself. You’ve helped me become the toilet fag I want to be.”A shit pig that I trained

I’ve trained so many toilet pigs over the years I easily lost count.  I’ve ordered multiple faggots to eat their own shit and drink their own piss on cam solely for my amusement while draining their bank accounts.  My wallet gets fatter while they sit there with a giant shit loaf hanging out of their mouths.  Most slaves actually love the taste of their own shit and eat it effortlessly.  Slaves are and will always be inferior scum that exist to serve straight alpha males.  Any faggot that thinks its equal to a straight alpha male needs their brain rewired with a few bottles of poppers.  Poppers were made for faggots and give every faggot a real purpose in life.  Start sniffing now cunts.