When you’re a natural born alpha male like me faggots and beta males flock to you from everywhere begging to be put in their rightful place.   I’ve been draining this faggots wallet every night while turning it more and more into a submissive tranny pig.  This pathetic cunt turns its cam on and is always dressed like a woman and even wears high heels.  Its been wearing a skin tight corset every night trying to reshape its body so it has curves like a woman.  Every night the slave sends me tributes and begs to worship me on Skype.  When I first started talking to the cunt it told me that it found my blog from a Tumblr page.  The slave was in total awe the moment it first saw a picture of me.  The faggot knew that it finally found a REAL natural born alpha male that deserved to be worshiped and treated like a god.  It knew for sure that it wanted to be turned into my personal ATM after it took a look at my alpha blog.  This faggot loves to sniff Maximum Impact then alternate it with poppers.  While its sniffing on cam I make it twist its nipples as hard as possible to make its natural estrogen levels sky rocket.  I laugh my ass off every time I see this sissy pig on cam.  I make it tighten its corset until it can hardly breathe.  It sniffs maximum impact until it passes out almost every single time.  The dumb cunt will be laying on its bed with a soaked rag of maximum impact over its face until it looks totally life less.  I’ll scream at the tranny slut to wake the fuck up.  It usually wakes up after a minute or so all tweaked out and destroyed.  The cunt usually looks all cross eyed huffing and puffing for air like a typical fumed up faggot bitch.  The tranny slut tells me every night that it wants to give me all of its belongings and live in my basement 24/7 in a dog cage.  It wants to sell its house then give me every dollar it gets.  It even wants to give me its 401K and inheritance that its going to be getting from its parents.  I told the tranny fag that it could find a job down here and have its pay check direct deposited into my bank account every week.  The only time the fag would be allowed out of its cage would be to go to its day job solely to make me more money.  At night I would beat its faggot ass and even make beat down and humiliation videos with it to sell online.   The fag wants weekly estrogen shots and wants me to completely transform it into a tranny slut pig.  When it’s fully transformed it wants to walk around in heels in AC and turn tricks for cash.  The faggot is booking a flight to come to AC for the weekend next month.  I’m going to meet it in AC and show this faggot that it was truly born to serve a superior straight alpha male.  It wants to dress up in full drag walk into the worst ghetto area in AC and fuck as much black cock as it can possibly find.  It wants me to film every part of it then use the video to blackmail it so it has no choice but to obey my every single order for the rest of its pathetic life.  This nasty tranny slut has absolutely no limits at all.  It wants to bring its rim chair and have me turn it into a full use toilet.  I also plan to tie this faggot upside down then take my belt and whip its fag clit and balls as hard as possible.  I’m going to whip it useless balls over and over until it looses control of its bladder and pisses right into its faggot mouth.  I should really cut the tranny sluts micro penis off with a machete.  The faggot knows that its micro clit is useless and wants to only have a little piss hole and balls.   We both agreed that we should leave its balls so it remains horny frustrated and submissive.   I’m going to make this faggot pig realize that its nothing more than a slut that solely exists to serve me.  Whatever manhood that the faggot might “still” have will be completely drained forever.  It’s not a man and never will be.  It should be wearing a neon pink wig a skirt and high heels working the corner in A.C. every night.  The slut pig will never be the same once it meets me in real life.  It’s so easy for me to mind fuck and destroy faggot cunts.  Once this faggot is on the street turning tricks I’ll have it recruit more whores for me to pimp out.  The fags name is Nick but I call it faggot Nicole every night I talk to it.  The faggot is always in heat like a horny animal ready to do anything possible to make my life even better and easier than it already is.  I pump iron in the gym everyday and fuck as much pussy as possible while living in luxury solely off of fag cash.  That should be the life of a natural born alpha god like myself.  Once you’re truly owned by me there’s never any turning back.



When a faggot is high on crystal meth its even more submissive and pathetic than usual.  They beg me to take their cash and drain their bank accounts while they sit on cam all tweaked out smoking their meth pipe.  Meth faggots stay up for days at a time tweaked out begging to serve and worship me.  I’ll sign onto Skype and get a message from a methed out faggot that I cashraped the previous night begging me to cashrape it all over again.  Sometimes I drain them for multiple days non stop.  The crystal meth makes every faggot realize that they are truly inferior and exist solely to serve alpha males.  The other night I cashraped this faggot that’s high on meth every time I talk to it on Skype.  When the cunt sends me its cam It’s always naked with its micro clit locked in chastity.  It told me that its been wearing a chastity for almost a year straight and already lost over an inch on its useless fag dick.  The slave then went on about its teeth and how they are starting to space out and will soon start rotting out completely from all the meth that it smokes.  The slave was in some hotel room waiting for this older Arab meth faggot to arrive.  The older faggot is its “master” in real life even though no cash is involved.  While draining the methed out cunt It told me how the Arab fag master smells like shit because it never showers.  The slave said that it feels totally humiliated when the Arab faggot sits on its face because its asshole smells like a shit that took a shit.  When it’s really high on meth the Arab fag master turns it into a full use toilet.  It eats the Arab fag masters shit then licks its hairy asshole clean with its tongue.  I have a strong stomach but I seriously gagged when the faggot told me that.   The higher the faggot is on meth the more submissive it gets.  I made it smoke so much I could see it shaking on cam while sweat poured down its face.  It kept sending me tribute after tribute.  The slave then received a text on its phone.  It was the Arab fag master telling it that it would be at the hotel in a few minutes.  I told the faggot to have fun eating dirty Arab asshole made it send me another tribute then dismissed it.  The next night I was online the meth faggot messaged me again and wanted to serve.  It sent me more fag cash then sent me its cam.  It was in the same hotel room still awake from the previous day and was still all tweaked out on meth.  It told me the Arab fag master just left and that it needed to serve a REAL alpha male. The meth fag told me the entire hotel room smelled like a filthy public restroom and that its entire body was all wet and sticky from getting pissed on non stop.  The taste of rotten asshole was on its breath and ass hairs were still stuck between its teeth.  The faggot was shaking from all the meth that it smoked.  It was still taking hits from its meth pipe while I laughed and humiliated it non stop.  I drained more cash from the faggot while it sat on the ground with its micro clit still locked in chastity.  The cunt begged me to take a few pictures of it so I could post them up on my blog and exploit it some more.  I drained more cash from the meth faggot and turned it into a human ATM while it smoked meth non stop.  While I was dominating this faggot another meth faggot ATM that I humiliate on a regular basis messaged me and wanted to be used too.  I did a three-way call and dominated both faggots at the same time while both of them smoked meth non stop.  The other faggot told me that it started smoking meth when it woke up in the morning and has been high all day long,  I had both of them smoking at the same time and ordered both cunts to shower me in more fag cash.  You could hear both of them lighting their meth pipes up with that torch like lighter that meth faggots use.  Both meth fags were even more submissive and pathetic when they could see and hear each other while in the three way call.  Two scrawny pathetic methed out cunts serving a straight alpha god.  I showed both cunts no remorse and made both send me tributes non stop.  Crystal meth really makes faggots realize their place in life.  They literally turn into human ATMs and will send me every dollar that they have.  They deserve to be drained and put in the poorhouse where they belong.  Every inferior cunt belongs on their knees serving me.  Finding a REAL straight dominant alpha god like me to serve is like finding a needle in a haystack.  Men like me don’t exist anymore in this pathetic feminized society.  Every faggot/beta that serves me realizes that the moment they worship me on cam.  My huge jacked muscles and deep cocky voice makes every inferior cunt drop to their knees where they belong.  Everyone becomes my bitch without me even having to try.  I’m on top of the food chain and always will be.  No one will ever compare to me no matter how hard they try.  Dominance is something that just comes natural it can’t be taught.  Slaves easily see right through beta males that try to act like dominant alpha males.




My birthday is coming up on December 25th Christmas Day.  I’m a REAL straight alpha god born on Christmas day that was born perfect in every single way.  Send me tributes and Amazon gifts for my birthday slaves because you know I deserve them.  Message me on Skype and worship me on cam while I flex my huge jacked alpha muscle.  My bicep is bigger than your head.  My one arm alone is easily bigger than your entire weak scrawny body.  Slaves turn into weak helpless popper sniffing ATMs the moment they lay eyes on my huge perfect alpha physique.  When you hear my deep cocky voice you’ll find yourself on your knees in front of your computer obeying my every command.  Worship me and shower me with birthday tributes.  Real straight alpha males like myself barely exist anymore in this pathetic weak feminized society.  I’ve never bowed down to anyone for any reason in my entire life and never will.  Submitting is something an alpha male naturally never does.  My overwhelming amount of confidence has always been intimidating to everyone.  When I’m out I’ll walk up to anyone and say whatever I want to them while most people stand back with their head down because they are insecure and pathetic.  I’ve always looked down on society and people in general because they are all followers with no independent thought process whatsoever.  They literally do everything possible to fit in with the crowd and conform to society.  When I go out I feel like I’m walking through a herd of sheep because everyone looks exactly the same to me.  It seems like the beta male is getting weaker and more feminized every year.  Sometimes I’ll just look at them and shake my head because they are so pathetic in my eyes.  I just tell it like it is and could care less what anyone thinks.  They are all beneath me anyways.  I’m a 6’4 300 LB jacked STUD that is totally UNSTOPPABLE.  When I want something in life I always get it.  If it’s not given to me I just take it.  I’m the DEFINITION of a straight alpha god and I deserve to live in LUXURY solely off of fag cash.  Shower me in birthday tributes now.  I’m way more important to please than anyone else.  Tribute for custom videos and sweaty worn gym gear.  My alpha scent is euphoric and intoxicating,  When you alternate sniffing poppers with a pair of my sweaty underwear you will feel the most intense high you have ever felt in your life.  Add drinking one of my filled up condoms and you will be addicted to me forever.  There will be NO turning back after that.  Birthday tributes are due now slaves.

WIN_20170527_04_15_30_Pro (2)


I’m a Cocky Arrogant MUSCLE GOD that has always been the complete package.  Slaves fall to their knees in awe and sometimes even piss their pants when they have the privilege to grace my presence.  I’m so tall jacked and powerful its overwhelming to everyone.  Slaves always end up on all fours like animals shining my boots and sneakers with their faggot tongues making sure to lick every single piece of dirt off of them until they look brand new again.  I have no problem ramming my sweaty foot down their throat or bashing them with my huge alpha fist until they follow my every single order.  I was born a superior alpha god and have been a leader my entire life.  I’ve always had a flock of followers following me every time I go out.  When I’m walking through the casino I make it a point to purposely walk straight and never move over for anyone.  Beta males literally scatter like bowling pins and the drunk ones that don’t get shoulder bumped and go flying to the ground.  The other night when I was out in Atlantic City some beta male was walking around with a drink in his hand acting like a drunk idiot.  I was in a pissed off mood so I purposely went out of my way to walk right into him.  He literally went flying to the ground while his drink splattered all over his face.  His beta friends looked down at him then stared at me saying “We don’t want any problems man” over and over like pathetic cunts.  I just shock my head in disgust and laughed in their faces.  Betas are pathetic and the only thing they are good for is licking my size 15 sneakers clean then filling them up with cash.  They also make great urinals and spit buckets.  Women have absolutely no respect at all for betas either and see them as nothing more than human ATMs.  Beta males still worship the ground they walk on and shower them with money gifts jewelry etc.  Beta males are getting more feminized and pathetic by the day.  Most of them actually pay women just to hang out with them.  I still get all the pussy I want with ease without spending a single dollar on them. 

I was in Bally’s with my friend the other night in A.C. at some bar/lounge that they have inside the casino.  I wasn’t even there for 15 minutes before some chic walked up to me all drunk and giggly.  She told me that her friend thought that I was hot but was to shy to walk over and talk to me.  I laughed and asked where she was.  The drunk girl pointed over to her.  The girl instantly looked the other way the moment she saw me looking at her.  I thought she was going to be a fat slob but I was surprised that she was pretty hot.  She was a petite tan brunette chic which is exactly my type.   The drunk girl told me to go talk to her and I said “Maybe in a little bit”.  The drunk chic gave me a dirty look and walked away.  I laughed and told my friend that I’m going to act like a cocky dick which will make the chic want me even more.  I chilled at the bar with my friend for a little while and talked.  Eventually we got up and I purposely walked right past the girl like a cocky dick to go to the bathroom to take a piss.  In the bathroom my friend practically begged me to talk to her because he wanted to fuck the drunk one.  It was getting pretty late so I figured I might as well finally talk to her before she ended up leaving.  When I walked out of the bathroom I saw some tall scrawny beta male talking to her.  I decided that it was definitely time to walk over to her now.  I purposely walked right into the beta and asked him why he was talking to my girlfriend.  I could see the girl smile in the corner of my eye while the beta male started stuttering and said “Sorry man I had no idea she was your girl”.  I gave him a dirty look and he walked away so fast he almost ran.  The girl was laughing and said “It’s about time you came over and talked to me”.  I told her that I like to play hard to get.  She told me that her and her friend were from Staten Island and had a room in Bally’s for the night.  My friend was talking to the other girl who was drunk earlier but seemed to have sobered up.  We all sat at the bar and talked for a little bit.  I could tell that this chic was drooling over me and that I could’ve bent her over on the bar stool and fucked her doggystyle in front of everybody if I felt like it.  She was feeling my arms and chest up through my tight t-shirt and kept telling me how amazing my body was.  She was definitely a muscle whore.  I started making out with her at the bar and told her that we should go up to her hotel room.  She said alright let’s go without any hesitation at all.  She held my hand while we walked to the hotel elevators.  My friend and her friend were behind us following us to the hotel room.  When we finally got inside the room she practically ripped my shirt off and pulled me onto the one bed.  The room had two beds in it so my friend was on the other bed with her friend.  This muscle whore was in awe of my body.  She was on top of me on the bed while I had no shirt on.  She was making out with me and was biting my neck and even biting my nipples.  I took her top off and sucked on her tits.  I could hear my friend still just talking to the other girl on the other bed.  It wasn’t long before the girl and I were both completely naked and she was sucking my cock like she was starving for alpha cum.  I looked over at my friend and tried not to laugh while this whore was gagging and choking on my dick.  He was under the blankets with the other girl just talking to her.  I fucked the muscle whore in multiple positions while the lights were still on.  My friend and her friend could easily see everything.  I didn’t give a fuck and pounded this whore as hard as possible.  She was screaming loud as hell and came multiple times before I shot a monster load right in her soaking wet cunt.  Afterwards her friend said “Wow you two are crazy.  That was like watching a porn movie”.  I laid with the chic naked under the blankets for a little while and eventually told her to suck my dick again.  I then spooned her on the bed while the other two were sleeping in the other bed.  I eventually pulled my alpha cock out of her cunt shoved it down her throat and shot a huge load in her mouth.  She swallowed down all of it without even gagging.  She was a total freak just like me.  I thought my balls were drained but she started sucking me again until I was hard then rode me until I blew another load in her cunt.  This chic fucked like a pornstar.  She said to me “Oh my god that was the best sex I’ve ever had”.  I kissed her and jokingly told her I was going to bring her home and make her my sex slave.  She told me if she lived close to me she would drive over to my house and drain my balls every single day.  I laid in the bed with her and fell asleep for an hour or so.  When I woke up I got dressed and woke my friend up.  It was past 7 am and I felt like going home.  The girl gave me a kiss goodbye and gave me her phone number.  She told me she might be coming back to A.C. next month and definitely wanted to see me again.  I kissed her again and left with my friend.  On the way home my friend told me he ended up fucking the other girl in the bathroom while I was passed out sleeping with the other chic.  He told me I was crazy and seriously asked me how I had so much confidence.  I told him that it just always came natural to me.  You have to live fearless and not give a shit what other people think about you.  I told him that there’s so many women out there so talk to as many as you possibly can and never fear rejection.  Of course when you’re 6’4 jacked and good looking it obviously helps.  I suppose it’s hard for people to have an unlimited amount of confidence like I do.  I’ve never had any problems when it comes to picking up women and fucking their brains out.  I could easily fuck a chic in front of 100 people and not have any confidence issues at all.  I can’t even count the amount of women I’ve fucked within 5-10 minutes of meeting them.  I’m the definition of an alpha male.  I was born to be worshiped and have always got whatever I wanted in life with ease.




I’m bigger stronger and more ripped than ever before.  You were born to be enslaved to huge straight alpha muscle.  One of my arms alone is bigger than your entire body.  My size and strength is undeniable.  I could pick you up and toss you around with ease. Worship the biggest sadistic cockiest alpha god alive.  I will make you easily realize that you are nothing more than a weak submissive sissy.  A pathetic popper sniffing faggot that should be wearing pink panties and stockings under your clothes every day even to work.  Your little fag clit should be locked in chastity because you are not a man and never will be one.  You belong on your fag knees while I take a hot steamy piss in your mouth and all over your face.  Shower me with fag cash and worship me on cam now.  You’re nothing more than a full use toilet and cash faggot ATM for straight alpha muscle.  My huge alpha muscle will have you drooling all over the place.  Tribute for my sweaty jockstraps filled up rubbers dirty socks and whatever else you crave.  Alpha waste is fag nutrition period.  I was born to be worshiped while you were born to $erve plain and simple.  Tribute me now shove a bottle of poppers up your nose and watch me flex my huge ripped alpha muscle on cam now.  I will make you drool all over your keyboard and mind fuck you to the point of no return.


Dominating and humiliating inferiors has always come natural to me.  I’ve always been a naturally masculine dominant alpha male that has always put beta males and faggots in their rightful place in life.  I was born to be worshiped while they were born to serve.  I’m always the leader while everyone else is a follower.  I’m the full package that every male wishes they could be even for one day.  I’m a tall built alpha stud that has an unlimited amount of confidence no matter what the situation is.  You could just say that I’m a natural born winner in every aspect of life.  I love making women drool over me and have them think about me when they are fucking their beta boyfriend that can’t even last five minutes in bed with them.  The moment a faggot graces my presence they get chills up and down their spine and naturally know that they were born to serve and worship me.  I make everyone feel intimidated in my presence without even trying.  Every time I’m out everyone always stops what they are doing just to stare at me because I’m one of a kind and always will be.  I’m the ultimate alpha male and always will be no matter what.  

One of my many popper slaves messaged me and told me it had a bottle of maximum impact and wanted me to get it extra fucked up while cashraping it.  It also told me it wanted to be toilet trained and wanted to eat its own shit while I laughed and humiliated it on cam.  The faggot send me a tribute then turned its webcam on.  I told the slave to shove the bottle of poppers it had up its nose and sniff.  I then made the fag spray some max impact on a rag and sniff it.  While it was all tweaked out the fag squatted over a plate and took a shit on it.  I couldn’t stop laughing at this inferior cunt.  I took the plate and put it on the table right near its face.  I then made it sniff poppers then max impact several times.  It then started eating its own shit off of the plate without even gagging.  I made the toilet fag smear the shit all over its face and up its nose so the smell was as strong as possible.  I continued to make it do popper countdowns then sniff maximum impact off of the rag it had.  The fag then continued to eat the rest of its shit like an animal.  It started rubbing its pathetic fag dick without even asking me for permission.  I screamed at the toilet fag and told me to send me more cash.  After I took more of its money I ordered the slave to smear a huge chunk of shit all over its fag dick to use as lube.  The disgusting toilet fag was covered in its own shit.  It sniffed poppers and eventually creamed all over itself.  I couldn’t stop sadistically laughing the entire time.  The cunt was just another typical faggot that knows that it’s a full use toilet.  It said multiple times that it wished it had my alpha shit in front of it to eat.  I told the toilet slave that eating my alpha shit is better than eating a filet mignon steak.  There’s so much nutrition and vitamins in my alpha waste that it would make any faggot euphoric.  

One of my slaves tributed me for a bunch of filled up rubbers.  It messaged me on Skype the day it received them in the mail and wanted to tribute me more fag cash to watch it drink my loads out of the condoms then chew on the condoms like chewing gum.  It admitted to me that it couldn’t wait and already drank one rubber when the package came in the mail during the daytime.  The cum eater sent me its cam and had my rubbers in its hand.  I laughed while the faggot untied one and sucked it completely dry.  While it was drinking it was moaning like a whore and kept saying “Oh my god it tastes so powerful and amazing”.  I told the slave that’s what alpha cum tastes like since its used to eating useless watery fag cum.  It untied every single condom and sucked every single one down instantly.  I could tell that the slave was in faggot heaven.  It then flipped the condoms inside out and sucked on them like a little bitch.  This wasn’t the first time that this slave bought my alpha waste.  I’ve watched it drink multiple bottles of my alpha piss and even chug some bottles down like a Redbull energy drink.  I even sold it sweaty gym socks soaked in piss and watched it on cam wring the socks out in its mouth.  One time it even poured my alpha piss in an ice cube tray and made ice pops with it.  It bought multiple pairs of sweaty jockstraps and loved sucking out the ball sweat too.  It really makes me laugh my ass off how much power I have over inferior cunts.  My alpha waste will always be fag nutrition.  Slaves crave my alpha waste and always will because they’ll never taste anything so powerful in their lives.

I humiliated this pamper wearing faggot bitch again on Skype the other night.  It tributed me many times before and tells me how fucked up its childhood was.  It told me that its step daddy used to molest it every single night.  Its step daddy and mother even dressed it up like a girl and made money off of it by making it perform in multiple diaper commercials as a child.  One time it linked me to a really old diaper commercial on YouTube and showed me while sniffling and crying like a little girl.  This pathetic cunt is all grown up now and still wears diapers every single day.  It just shits and pisses itself daily and goes through ten diapers a day.  Its never worn real underwear before and doesn’t even own any.  The slaves name was Patrick but since it’s a 120 lb scrawny feminine looking sissy I gave it the name Patricia.  It started crying like a child when I renamed it.  I could actually see tears pouring from its eyes.  I laughed at this cunt the entire time and kept asking it about it step daddy and how he used to get molested and raped by him.  The slave whined and cried like a pathetic freak and told me that its step daddy used to stick his cock in its mouth and up its fag cunt almost every single night.  It told me that it goes to therapy every single week and has been for years now.  I just laughed and told the fag that therapy will never help it and that it’s better off giving me the cash.  I told it I would be the perfect therapist for it.  I then told the fag to admit that it loved its step daddies cock in its mouth and loved getting its ass stuffed full of cock every single night.  It started whining and crying and said that it couldn’t handle my verbal abuse anymore.  I was totally in this faggots head and showed it absolutely no remorse.  I saw a bottle of prescription meds on its nightstand in the background.  Slave Patricia told me that its medication that its therapist prescribes it.  I told the sissy that the meds must not work that well since it still wears Pampers every single day and still acts like a little girl.  This faggot freak was beyond fucked up and no therapist nor medication could ever help it.  I kept calling it Patricia and made it shit and piss its diaper like a little kid.  It started whining and crying again until I yelled at it and told it to shut the fuck up already.  I told the sissy to dream about its step daddies cock.  Slave Patricia told me that its going to have nightmares all night now and thanked me for even acknowledging its pathetic ass.  The following night it messaged me again and sent me more fag cash and told me that it couldn’t get the image of its step daddies cock out of its head.  I laughed and told it that it’s a pathetic freak that’s beyond fucked up in the head.  A grown up faggot wearing diapers all day long.  I’ve seen and heard just about everything when it comes to slaves but this fag was beyond fucked up in the head.

This faggot that I never talked to before contacted me on Skype and begged to be cashraped.  It sent me some cash then sent its webcam.  The faggot was a fat dipshit and was sweating like a pig.  I saw it smoking something and figured it was meth since most faggots smoke meth on cam when I humiliate them.  This faggot told me that it was smoking crack.  I burst out laughing the moment it told me that.  It kept smoking crack on cam and was literally dripping sweat all over the place.  I was surprised how fat the faggot was since it was a crackhead.  The slaves eyes were wide open and I could tell it was paranoid as hell.  It kept asking me what I said when I didn’t even say anything and said that it kept hearing things that weren’t even there.  The fag was so cracked out it kept sending me multiple tributes without me even telling it too.  It then stood up and had such a small dick that it looked like a womans clit.  It tied a rope around its balls and had a sneaker with rocks stuffed inside for weights so it could stretch out its useless fag balls.  I told the crackhead faggot that if I was there I would just take a machete and hack its balls off with no remorse.  The crackhead fag stood back from the cam so I could see its entire body then swang the rope around with the sneaker attached back and forth.  It was so fat it looked like it had D cup tits.  I then ordered the fag to twist its nipples as hard as possible multiple times until they were black and blue.  It was so cracked out I don’t even think it could feel anything.  It eventually sat back down and was huffing and puffing for air.  It was so cracked out I thought it was going to have a heart attack on cam.  Sweat was literally pouring off of its forehead and running down its face.  I never saw a fag smoke crack on cam before but it was pretty amusing.  It sent me more cash and kept huffing and puffing for air.  It put more rocks in the sneaker stood back and kept swinging it back and forth.  It’s dick and balls were so small I could hardly see anything.  The fag honestly looked like a bull dike with short hair.  It had huge tits a fat stomach and clit size penis that I could hardly see.  I kept making it smoke more and more crack.  The crackhead fag was breathing so heavy that its pulse must have been like 200.  I was laughing and waiting for it to drop on the ground and start seizuring.  It was so fucked up from the crack that it eventually just sat on the chair and barely moved or even acknowledged anything I was saying.  I drained the crackhead really good so I had nothing to complain about.  I laughed the entire time at this faggot cunt.  It was beyond fucked up and looked truly inferior and pathetic.