This limp wristed popper sniffing faggot messaged me begging me to cashrape and exploit it.  It went by the name “Popper Retard” on Skype.  The screen name fit the faggot perfectly.  It told me that it had a fresh bottle of poppers to sniff on cam.  I ordered the cunt to send me a tribute then video called it on Skype.  When I saw the slave on cam I bursted out laughing.  It looked like it sniffed way to many popper fumes.  It was totally cross eyed and already looked brain dead.  The faggot was completely naked and looked like a hairy woman.  There wasn’t a single ounce of muscle anywhere on its womanly body.  The fag had huge round boobs and big swollen nipples.  It also had round hips and a hairy crotch with a tiny micro size clit between its legs.  I verbally degraded the cunt then ordered it to grab the popper bottle and sniff.  While it sniffed poppers it looked more and more retarded by the second.  Its eyes were jiggling all over the place while it made this stupid look on its face.  I really wanted to blast the slave in the face as hard as I could with my huge alpha fist.  I told the cunt to squeeze and twist its huge nipples.  They swelled up and grew like crazy.  The faggots tits were so big it seriously needed a bra to wear.  I ordered the fumed up faggot to send me more fag cash.  The cunt instantly obeyed me then started sniffing more poppers.  I could tell that the slave was already annihilated.  While I laughed the faggot twerked on the bed and shook its fag tits around.  The fags big swollen tits bounced around like crazy while it kept rubbing them and twisting them.  I then made the faggot freak use one hand to hold the popper bottle to sniff and the other hand to squeeze its fag tits.  I really wanted to humiliate and disgrace this cunt.  I made the faggot suck two of its fingers like a cock then ordered it to shove them up its ass cunt.  It fingered its ass cunt really deep like a typical submissive whore.  I then ordered the fumed up faggot to pull its fingers out of its ass cunt and suck them clean.  When the fag pulled its fingers out they were covered in fag shit.  The cunt looked at its fingers and hesitated.  I told the fag that I could care less how filthy its fingers were then screamed at it to suck them clean.  The popper freak then shoved its fingers in its mouth and made a weird face while it licked them perfectly clean.  I laughed at the faggot then told it to sniff more poppers.  It did multiple popper countdowns and literally sniffed until it passed out on its bed.  I yelled at the cunt to wake up multiple times until it finally got up.  It looked even more dazed and retarded than before.  I ordered it to suck its fingers to go ass to mouth again.  It eat more fag shit off of its fingers.  The slave was so fumed up it didn’t even seem to mind the own taste of its fag shit.  I made the poppered up dipshit send me more fag cash.  It sent more cash without any question then started squeezing it’s already swollen fag tits again.  They were getting so swollen they started to look black and blue.  I continued to verbally degrade and humiliate the faggot and laughed while it rubbed its tiny clit like a pussy.  Its clit looked like a tiny nipple hanging between its legs.  I made it go ass to mouth with its fingers multiple times.  The faggot kept sniffing and sniffing poppers until it passed out on the bed again.  It was finally out for the count.  The faggot freak laid on the bed humiliated and cashraped with swollen tits and mouthful of fag shit.  I definitely think it burned out whatever brain cells it had left from sniffing poppers.  That’s if the faggot had any braincells left to begin with.  I showed that cunt that it’s not a man and never will be one.  I mind fucked it the entire time and ordered it to start wearing a bra and panties.  I made it also realize that it should sit down on the toilet like a woman to piss from now on.  Urinals are made solely for men.  The only time a faggot like that should be near a urinal is to drink out of one.  If I ever saw that cunt in a public restroom I would personally grab it by its hair order it to drop to its knees and dunk it face first in a dirty urinal myself.  There’s so much nutrition in a dirty urinal for a faggot cunt.  Once they start drinking out of one they feel euphoric.  They’ll never ever be able to turn back.  All of that male nutrition becomes an addiction for a faggot bitch.  I just wake up faggots and make them realize reality.  They were born to serve straight alpha men like myself plain and simple.  The faster they realize that the happier they all end up being.  There’s nothing worse for a faggot than to be walking around and living without a real purpose in life.



This boot worshiping pain pig served me on cam the other night.  It sent me multiple tributes while I flexed my huge muscles on cam and showed it my huge size 14 logger boots.  The cunt told me it likes to be dominated beaten and trampled in real time.  It told me that its met a few “masters” in the past for real time sessions but has yet to be impressed at all.  I laughed at the faggot and told it that it’s never been in the presence of someone like me before.  I told the slave that I show absolutely no mercy and no remorse on pain pigs and know how to make them cry and scream like teenage girls.  The slave who was from Philly told me after cam that it might be in the Atlantic City area in a few nights and wanted to know if I would meet with it real time.  I told the cunt that I would be glad to stomp its head in and take its fag cash.  The cunt told me that if it did come to Atlantic City it would message me on Skype from its smart phone.  The following night the pain pig messaged me 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slave was on the ground body completely swollen and broken down.  I grabbed my stuff and told the faggot that I was leaving.  It was still laying on the ground beaten broken and totally helpless.  It thanked me multiple times for turning into a beaten down pain pig.  Right before I left I stood over the faggot and told it to open its mouth.  I unzipped my pants and took a huge steamy piss right in the fags mouth and all over its face.  It chugged it down like a typical faggot toilet.  When I left the hotel the faggot was flat on the ground beaten and covered in alpha piss.  I really stomped and whipped this cunt hard.  I definitely gave this pain pig the beat down of its life.  Most slaves would never be able to take the beat down that I gave this cunt.  I felt great after I beat down this faggot.  It was like a natural high for me.  I love inflicting pain while degrading humiliating and cashraping a slave.  I put that inferior cunt in it place and showed it what its like to be in the 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